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Boxing BettingBoxing Betting

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Boxing is one of the most intense branches of sport. It is loaded with thrill and excitement, and naturally, there are lots of boxing betting markets to bet on. In fact, boxing betting is very much popular all around the world, and now we will help you become a part of that.
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Table of Contents

    Here, we will present you with the complete guide with all kinds of tips and strategies and also help you easily place bets within seconds. By the end, you will be prepared for upcoming fights and have access to sportsbooks with the best boxing odds.

    Boxing Betting Odds & Strategy

    You need to understand how odds work before you place your first bet. It is actually simpler than you may think. Let's say that the odds are +500 for one fighter. It means that if you bet £100, you will win £500 (if that fighter wins, of course), so you will end up with £600. On the other hand, we have negative odds, which are represented with, let's say, -500. In this scenario, you have to place a bet of £500 in order to win £100. In short, this form of odds is used to represent the favourite of that match.

    With that out of the way, the first and one of the essential strategies to consider is examining the athletes' fight. This is known as Stylistic Matchups. It basically means that you compare the athletes' fight and make your choice accordingly. For instance, if a fighter is excellent with power punches but is ineffective against fast opponents, then there is no need to bet on him if he is fighting a super-fast fighter.

    In this case, the partners athletes train with are extremely important. We say this because training fights will help you understand how the boxers you're going to bet on perform against different fighters. Just keep an eye on their training partners, and deciding whether your favourite boxer is ready for the upcoming fight will become significantly easier. The odds are in your favour if you bet on a fighter who practices with partners the same as his next opponent.

    Finally, look at the previous matches the fighter you're betting on had. If he lost a few of them, he might be injured, or he may lose his mojo, which will affect how he will fight and the outcome of that match. This can happen to the best, like Floyd Mayweather, for instance.

    Boxing betting tips

    Jumping head on to betting without doing any research will most likely cause you to lose money. Here are a few tips you will want to consider before you fill your first bet slip.

    Learn the scoring system first

    You may believe that winning a bet here will always be determined by a knockout. In reality, judges usually tell who the winner is based on scoring. That's why you need to understand how boxing works and all about the scoring system. This is the first tip to consider.

    Always use statistics

    Statistics can be valuable for all sports, and boxing is no different. It can help you get maximum odds and get the best boxing experience in general. It is also an easy thing to master.

    Place valuable bets

    Betting on boxing matches are very common in almost every online bookmaker. However, you might have missed out on the types of bets punters place. In short, you need to know that not all bets are extremely valuable. Some will bring very small winnings. Be sure to place more valuable bets to maximize your earnings.

    How to predict the match

    How to predict which of the two fighters will win? There are a few things you may want to consider. The bottom line is simple, you will have to take into account all the separate points mentioned below and compare these between opponents. Then, you will see who is more capable of winning the fight. You can even apply the same facts to famous athletes like Mike Tyson.

    • Speed and power
    • Technic
    • Camp quality and length
    • Training partners
    • Old or recent injuries

    How to Bet on Boxing?

    If you want to start betting on boxing, here are the steps you will need to take in order to make this desire a reality. These are simple and straightforward steps that bettors have been using for years.

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    nothing Step 1

    Choose the best site

    Choose a betting site that has all boxing matches available and that offers a fair and reputable betting experience. Luckily for you, we can help you with that. Just take a look at our favourite sportsbooks to find the markets with the best odds.

    nothing Step 2

    Create an account

    Go to the ''sign up'' or ''register'' section and provide the needed information for creating an account. You will have to enter your email address, your name, address and etc. Verify the account afterwards, and you are ready to move to the next step.

    nothing Step 3

    Deposit funds

    Choose a payment method you are comfortable with. Go to the cashier section and deposit any amount you want to use for betting and claim your welcome bonus. Keep in mind that each site has a minimum deposit amount for activating the welcome bonus.

    nothing Step 4

    Place a bet

    Go to the boxing section and place a bet you like. If you are lucky, you can earn some cash and withdraw them, provided that you meet the requirements.

    Boxing betting markets

    Understanding the markets is crucial for making the most out of your betting adventures. Knowing the ins and outs of the markets will help you place more valuable bets with better odds of winning. Be sure to find a suitable one from the list and get yourself familiar with it.

    Once you get comfy with the market you choose, you should then learn what kind of bets you can place on boxing events. Luckily for you, we have explained some bet types below.

    Match betting

    This form of betting uses mathematical equations to win more and also to use free slips a bookmaker on the list in the UK will offer. It is a very successful form of boxing bets.

    Boxing Round bets

    A bookmaker will release the odds of how many rounds an athlete will achieve. You can place Over/Unders bets meaning that you claim he will reach more or fewer rounds.

    Group round betting

    Round group betting means that you will claim who will win in which round. This is a very popular type and a very interesting one. The total stake is high.

    Method of victory

    This means who and how will win. For instance, one can win by knockdown, so you will bet on a knockdown. An athlete can win on disqualification or by decision. It is up to you to claim who and how will win.

    Alternative group round betting

    You can also bet on world title fights which are easier. This term is used to explain when you will bet on which round a player will win so you can claim that he will win 1-6 round or 7-12. Odds are very much different here and come in unlimited variations. If you like to bet on British boxing events, this is something you need to know about.

    Pros & Cons of Live-time betting

    Those of you who like to play betting will also like to know about live betting. It can be known as run betting, but this is a rare term. In general, you will gamble after the match hasd. There are pros and cons to these bets, and we will explain all of these below.



    • You can see who has better odds live
    • You can feel the match better
    • You will feel like you are a part of the match


    • Maintaining a plan is harder
    • You must react in time
    • More stressful

    Boxing Betting vs UFC Betting

    Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, is the rawest form of fighting competition. The thrill of UFC matches makes it a great sport for punters to bet on. However, UFC betting works a little different to boxing betting. Let's compare them below.

    Boxing Betting
    Cancel icon

    Fewer betting options

    Check icon

    More predictable outcomes since fighters pick their own fights

    Cancel icon

    Bets can be expensive


    UFC Betting
    Check icon

    More betting options

    Cancel icon

    Hard to predict the outcomes as fighters can't choose their opponents

    Check icon

    Bets are extremely versatile in price

    Popular Boxing Events to Bet On

    Here are a few of the best and the most suitable boxing events which do deserve your full attention. Pick the one you like or, better said, the ones you really like and enjoy. They are all stunning options, but they do come with many differences, so you will need to learn all about these and make a clear difference.

    • Lineal champion
    • Unified champion
    • Undisputed champion
    • IBF
    • WBA
    • WBC
    • WBO


    Boxing events are a joy to watch for sure, and they can get even more intense when you place some bets on the side. We have revealed all the important and even less-known facts related to betting on boxing. Follow the steps above and the tips we have provided. With a bit of luck, you can start making some profits and up your game within a few weeks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is boxing betting legal?

    Yes, it is perfectly legal, and you don't have anything to worry about. Just pick a betting site from our list and start making some profit.

    Can I bet on who will win the world title?

    Yes. In fact, we recommend our readers to try it out as the world titles are often the most thrilling boxing events to bet on.

    What kind of boxing events are there that I can bet on?

    When it comes to boxing betting, the list of events is somewhat endless. However, the most popular boxing events you can find in almost every betting site are IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO, among others.

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