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Clean Sheet Odds

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Want to back favourites and still get great odds? Place clean sheet bets. Clean sheet odds are much higher than regular match winner odds. However, to win a clean sheet bet, you will have to do your betting homework. And that's where we can help. Read on to learn everything about the betting market and how to find top 100 online bookmakers that have the best clean sheet odds.

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Clean Sheet Betting Explained Clean Sheet Betting Explained
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    Clean Sheet Betting Explained

    Clean sheets are an easy concept to understand. Basically, you are placing a wager that one of the teams won't concede any goals during a football match. For instance, let's say Manchester City plays West Ham in an English Premier League game. The team from Manchester is a strong favourite and has an impenetrable defence.

    So, you predict that West Ham won't score any goals and that the Manchester side will keep a clean sheet. If Man City wins the match 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, or draws 0-0, you win your bet. That's because the Blues have kept a clean sheet and haven't conceded any goals.

    Clean Sheet Examples

    Let's look at two clean sheet examples. The first is a winning one. You placed a bet that Tottenham Hotspur will keep a clean sheet when playing against Burnley. The match ended 2-0 in Spurs' favour, so you won your clean sheet bet.

    Now, let's say that you placed another clean sheet wager. You backed Chelsea to keep a clean sheet when playing Arsenal. Unfortunately, the match ended 1-1, and the Blues' defenders and goalkeeper failed to keep that clean sheet you were looking for. That means you lost your bet.

    How to bet on clean sheets

    So how do you bet on clean sheets? First, find a team that has quality defenders and a great goalkeeper. Next, check if they kept clean sheets in their recent games. If that's the case, check out the clean sheet odds. If you think they are reasonable, click on them and submit your wager. You have now placed a clean sheet bet. Good luck!

    Clean Sheet Betting vs Fantasy Football Contests Clean Sheet Betting vs Fantasy Football Contests

    Clean Sheet Betting vs Fantasy Football Contests

    There are two ways to benefit from predicting clean sheets successfully. One is to bet on them and win real money. This way, you turn your football knowledge into real winnings and also get to enjoy watching matches. The other is to take part in fantasy football contests. When participating in competitions like the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), you collect points for each clean sheet. However, you don't get real money winnings. Let's look at both ways to predict clean sheets and see which one is better for you.

    Fantasy Football

    Taking part in fantasy football competitions, such as the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), is quite exciting. You compile a fantasy football team and collect points for various things the players you picked do, like scoring and assisting.

    One of the things you get points for is keeping clean sheets. In each Gameweek, your goalkeeper, defenders, and midfielders get points for the clean sheets the team keeps.

    The more points your players collect, the higher you climb on the fantasy football league table. At the end of the season, teams ranked highest on the overall fantasy league table get some rewards.

    However, what you don't get when playing fantasy football is real money winnings on a weekly or even daily basis. If it is winnings that you are after, it is much better to join quality bookmakers and feel the perks of betting on high clean sheet odds.

    Sure, playing Fantasy Premier League is fun. To make the most of your football knowledge, though, betting on clean sheet odds is the best way to do that.

    Clean Sheet Betting

    As we mentioned, the clear benefit of betting on clean sheets and not playing fantasy football is getting real money winnings. When you bet on clean sheet odds, you can withdraw your winnings. If your predictions are accurate, of course. Another perk of betting on clean sheet odds is the one-of-a-kind excitement you get from placing clean sheet bets. Fantasy football contests like the FPL cannot replicate the thrill of your defenders keeping a clean sheet in the dying minutes of a game and giving you a winning bet.

    So, if you just want to pass the time by partaking in fantasy football competitions, Fantasy Premier League and other fantasy football contests will likely do the trick for you. However, if you are looking to profit and not just play fantasy games, clean sheet betting is the only way to go.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you win a clean sheet bet?

    To win a clean sheet bet, the team you back mustn't concede any goals. For instance, if you back Southampton to keep a clean sheet in the match against Leicester, you predict that Leicester won't score a goal.

    Do draws count as clean sheets?

    A draw counts as a clean sheet only if the match ends 0-0 and both teams fail to score. All other draws (1-1, 2-2, 3-3) are not clean sheets.

    Why is it called a clean sheet when no goals are scored against teams?

    In the past, reporters would write goals scored against teams on a piece of paper. So, if no goals were scored against your team, your sheet was clean, hence the name.

    What is the difference between BTTS: No bet and clean sheet wagers?

    When you bet on Both Teams to Score: No, you win if both or one of the teams doesn't score. However, when betting on clean sheets, you have to specify which team won't concede a goal.

    How to find the best clean sheet odds?

    To find the best clean sheet odds, play at reputable bookmakers that operate with small margins. The betting sites we feature here at Betpack are a great place to start.

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