Top Golf Events Every Golf Bettor Should Look Out For
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Golf Betting Events of The Year

Steven D. Thompson


Be an experienced golf player or just a fan who likes to watch; one can easily say that golf is one of the most entertaining sports in the world. Especially the sight of the ball rolling into the hole coupled with the suspense of other possible outcomes makes the game very exciting. It is much more fun when players place wagers on their favourite golfers and watch them hit the ball.

There are several golf tournaments throughout the year that enthusiastic punters can bet on. If you get your predictions right, golf bets can land you huge wins as they feature really profitable odds, especially during golf tournaments.

That is why in this guide, we'll be showing you all the top golf events that you can wager on. We'll also take you through some golf betting tips to help start your golf betting adventure.

Are you ready? Let's get right into it then!

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Table of Contents

    Top Golf Events With The Best Golf Betting Odds

    The best golf tournaments come in different classes and. The Majors are the most popular of them. These events bring together the top players in the world and are played on the best golf courses. Other highly anticipated events like the European Tour and PGA Tour also occur regularly. 

    Here is a breakdown of the events in the year:

    The Masters Golf Event

    The Masters is one of the biggest events of the year. The game is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia in April every year. It is the first major of the year that brings together the best golfers worldwide. 

    It is one of the main events that features previous major winners and winners of other top golf tournaments. Amongst huge prizes, winners receive a symbolic green jacket for their victory. During The Masters Tournament, sport betting sites put out the best golf odds. It's the time when you can get huge payouts from your winning bets.

    The United States Open Championship 

    The US Open is one of the four major championships in the world. It is open to both professional and amateur golfers. The game is held yearly at different courses. Each year's event is held in June. This championship is the most popular golf tournament in the United States; therefore, it attracts punters from several regions in the world. 

    By the way, the tournament is known to be one of the toughest majors. It may be hard to predict the winner because underdogs often perform better with record scores than many favourites. That's why each-way bets are more common here, as it saves punters from outright bet losses.

    British Open

    The British Open is the oldest golf tournament in the world. It is one of the golf majors and the only major event held in Great Britain. The event is popularly referred to as the Open Championship or simply The Open. In 1860, 161 years ago, itd at the Prestwick Golf Club. The other golf course where the tournament is usually held is the St. Andrews Golf Course.

    The British Open is held in July every year and is always the final major of the year. It's another great opportunity for punters to bet on their favourite golfers. You'll find amazing open odds during this tournament.

    PGA Championship

    The PGA Championship, also known as USPGA Championship, is an annual golf event organised by the Professional Golfer's Association of America. It is the last of the four majors and the second main event held in the United States. 

    Unlike the British and US Opens, this event is strictly for professional players. The game used to be held in Mid-August every year as the final major of the year. Now the event is held in Mid-May, making it the second major event after the Masters. The PGA Championship is another time sportsbooks offer the best golf odds you can find in the betting markets.

    Other Top Golf Tournaments Other Top Golf Tournaments

    Other Top Golf Tournaments

    Unarguably, betting spotlights are always on the Majors. However, several other golf events occur throughout the year. They include:

    European Tours

    The European Tour events are organised by the PGA based in Britain. At inception, this tournament was held in Europe. But now, the tournament has spread to various parts of the world. One of the golf tournaments on this tour is the DP World Tour Championship that is held across different countries in the world.

    PGA Tours

    Another top event is the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour is quite different from the PGA Championship (which is one of the majors). The PGA tour covers different professional golf games in The United States, North America, and several other countries.

    Ryder Cup 

    This is another amazing golf event that happens every two years. The cup is named after English businessman Samuel Ryder. In the Ryder Cup, teams from Europe and the United States compete against one another. It's an event you should watch out for. Check for the latest Ryder Cup odds to know the latest offering at bookies for the tournament.

    Top Golf Events With The Best Golf Betting Odds Top Golf Events With The Best Golf Betting Odds

    How To Getd On Golf Betting

    Now that you're aware of the top events of the year, here's a quick guide to help you place your first golf bet:


    Choose a bookmaker that offers golf games

    You should find a bookmaker that allows betting on your favourite golf games with licences from the corresponding gambling commission. You should note that some bookies only display betting odds for major tournaments.


    Check out available golf betting odds

    You should browse the different tournaments that are ongoing. You can also check for upcoming events to plan your bets.


    Decide on the type of bet you'd like to place

    There are several betting formats for golf games. Check out the one that suits you the most. You should choose a format that suits your bankroll and your risk level.


    Proceed to place the bets using our golf betting tips

    Now that you have all things in place, you should go ahead to place wagers on your favourite golfers. You could check out various player statistics before you decide on who to bet on.

    Pros and Cons of Betting on Golf

    Golf betting has both good and not-so-good sides. Let's go through some of them:



    • Golf betting features some of the best sporting odds
    • Your chance of winning does not rest on a team
    • Features different types of bet types


    • You may incur greater losses if you lose your bet
    • The wane of the current form of your favourite golfer could greatly impact your bets
    • You may be restricted to only betting on major events at some sport betting sites

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it legal to bet on golf?

    The legality of betting on golf depends on the region you currently reside in. Currently, some states in the US don't allow any form of sports betting. For safer gambling, you should only play at legal sites with a registered address.

    Are there free bets for new customers at golf betting sites?

    Depending on the bookmaker, new customers may get different bonuses on their first bet, including free bets. Free bet stakes are one of the most popular bonuses that bookies give to new customers

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