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Prop Bets

Steven D. Thompson


If you want to try out something other than the standard bet types, prop bets might be exactly what you need. With prop bets, you don't wager on the final score of the match. Instead, you bet on events that often have little to do with it, such as corners or bookings. You can even bet on the coin toss outcome. Do you know who will score first for Juventus this weekend?

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    Prop Bets Explained

    Proposition bets, or prop bets for short, allow you to wager on hundreds of different events which are not necessarily related to the final outcome of the game. When wagering on prop betting markets, you place bets on specific parts and elements of matches. The things you can bet on range from who will score first and the number of assists a player will have to how many offside infringements will be in a football match.

    As you can see, neither of the bets mentioned above are directly related to the final outcome of the game. Of course, they can be linked in some way to the final result, but, often, they are not. For example, when you place a bet on who will score first, you win if the player you backed does that and gets on the score sheet first. The team the player represents might go on to lose the match, but that final score will have no effect on the success of your prop bet wager.

    That is not the case when you place point spread and match winner bets or bet on Over/Under total markets. For instance, for an Over 2.5 goals bet to be a winning one, the final result of the match must be 2-1, 1-2, 3-0, 4-1, etc. So, the success of the bet is directly linked to the final outcome. That's what makes prop bets different from most of the other traditional bet types.

    Prop Bets Prop Bets

    Player Prop Bets

    When you place player prop bets, you wager on specific aspects of a player's performance. For example, if you are placing NBA props, you can pick a player, such as LeBron James and bet on the number of points scored, assists made, three-pointers, rebounds, and steals, whether he will be fouled out or not.

    Similarly, with football player prop bets, you can wager on goals scored and assists made by individual players. However, you can also predict whether a player will get a red or yellow card, take a penalty, or get substituted. In fact, the options for player prop bets in football are almost endless.

    The same is true when betting on American football prop markets. When you are placing NFL player props, you can wager on things like the number of runs scored by a particular player, the total passing yards he will make, whether that player will score a touchdown, etc.

    Team Props

    You can also have your pick from a myriad of team props, especially when you join top online bookmakers, such as those listed at Betpack. Let's say you are betting on an NFL game. The great thing about the National Football League is that you can wager on team prop bets for any NFL game, not just when betting on the biggest match of the season, the Super Bowl.

    But let's return to the example. Let's say the New England Patriots play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Some of the team props you can add to your bet slip include which team will score the first touchdown, the total number of touchdowns, total sacks, will a team score three times in a row without the other team scoring back, whether the first turnover will be an interception or fumble, and so on.

    Basketball sports betting prop markets are equally enticing. You can wager on the first team to score, the total points the home side will score from free throws, the number of fouls each team will make, the total number of rebounds, and a variety of other prop bets.

    And don't worry if you are not into basketball or American football. You can place team props on other team sports too, such as football, ice hockey, volleyball, rugby, cricket, and baseball. As a rule of thumb, the more popular the sport, the more prop betting markets you will get.

    Game Props

    In addition to player and team prop bets, when you register an account with a top betting site, you can place game props too. As with other prop bets, game props may be related to the final outcome, but often have nothing to do with it. For instance, if you are betting on baseball, you can place game props such as whether there will be first-inning runs or predict the number of pitcher strikeouts.

    Similarly, if you are wagering on a game of golf, you have the chance to bet if there will be a hole-in-one. For cricket, you can predict which team will win the coin toss, while in American football, you can bet on which side will score the first points of the game. As you can see, game props offer a break from the standard match markets and are the breath of fresh air many sports bettors need.

    And speaking of a breath of fresh air, some of the more exotic game props are exactly that. They are quite fun and come with prop bet odds that are out of this world too. The Super Bowl prop bets are a great example of this.

    When you bet on arguably the biggest game in world sport, you can place unorthodox wagers that can even be considered as non-sporting events. These include prop bets such as the colour of the Gatorade bath for the winning coach, the length and duration of the National Anthem, who will get the first commercial during half-time, and so on.

    How to Place Prop Bets 

    Placing a prop bet is as exciting as it is easy. At Betpack, we make it even more straightforward. Read our four-step prop bets guide and place your first proposition bet instantly.

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    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Account
    Pick a Top Sportsbook Step 1

    Pick a Top Sportsbook

    The first step is also the most important one. Only a reliable sports betting site will give you the prop betting options you need. Browse our list of top sportsbooks and click on the one you like.

    Register and Deposit Step 2

    Register and Deposit

    Now click on the Sign Up or Register button in the top right corner. Next, provide the contact information the bookmaker requires. Then verify your account and fund it by going to the Cashier section.

    Find Prop Betting Markets Step 3

    Find Prop Betting Markets

    With your new account verified and funded, you can now start placing prop bets. First, go to the sport you want to bet on and choose which games you will bet on. Find the prop bets section for each match.

    Place Your Prop Bet Step 4

    Place Your Prop Bet

    You can include prop bets to your bet slip by clicking on their prop bet odds. Then navigate to your bet slip, check your selections and enter your bet stake amount. All you need to do is place the bet now.

    Strategies and Tips for Prop Bets

    Proposition bets allow you to turn any idea, instinct or gut feeling into a sports bet. That means your chances of getting a successful bet increase right from the start. Add a proven betting strategy or some expert prop bet tips and you will boost your probability of winning even further. Keep reading and discover some advantageous pieces of advice for your prop bets.

    Tip 1: Focus on Teams You Follow Regularly

    Tip 2: Explore Big Game Bet Props

    Tip 3: Leverage Bonuses to Place Proposition Bets

    Tip 4: Use Your Fantasy Sports Experience

    The best way to benefit from proposition betting is to wager on teams you watch week in and week out. When you watch a basketball, football or NFL side regularly, you know exactly what to expect not just from the team, but you are pretty sure what type of performances individual players will produce. You also don't have to spend time analyzing form and checking head-to-head matchups, as you already know everything there is to know about the team you are betting on. That means you can place both team prop wagers, as well as game and player props. Moreover, by betting on matches you would watch anyway, you will stay involved from start to finish and enjoy the action even more.

    If you want to get an excellent selection of proposition bets, wager on major sports and choose popular leagues and matches. If you are looking for an even wider range of bet prop game lines, you should go with the big games. Matches such as the UEFA Champions League Final, the Super Bowl, the MLB World Series, the NBA Finals and other big events come with prop bet options beyond your wildest imagination. With that many options at your disposal, you should find it much easier to place educated bets and improve your chances of winning.

    The best sports betting sites have lucrative betting offers that you can put to good use when wagering on proposition bets. For instance, a free bet allows you to explore new betting props without risking your funds. Risk-free wagers, on the other hand, give you a safety net when placing trickier bet props and let you get your stake back if your wager loses. Other promos such as welcome offers and reload deposit bonuses can be used with similar effects.

    However, not all bonuses are ideal for props. Some are better ignored. To find the best sports betting offers for bet props consider the following bonus conditions: wagering requirements, betting limits, accepted payment methods, and bonus validity. Ideally, you want to trigger promos using any banking option. They should have low wagering conditions, come with flexible betting limits and shouldn't expire quickly.

    You don't need to be a seasoned betting pro to be adept at prop betting. You can also be a fantasy sports enthusiast. Participating in fantasy sports competitions and trying to beat your friends is great practice when honing your prop betting craft. This is especially true when betting on player performance categories, such as how many points/goals a player will score or the number of assists he will make. So, if you are someone who enjoys fantasy sports, you will find popular props right up your alley.


    Prop bets allow you to place bets on aspects of games that are not covered by traditional sports betting markets. And that makes them quite fun. After all, who wouldn't want to place a cheeky prop bet on who will score the first touchdown or how many three-pointers LeBron James will hit? You can also wager on whether Mbappe will score a hat-trick or how long it will take for the artist to sing the national anthem from start to finish before the MLB World Series.

    With prop bets, you don't just get additional betting options. You also benefit from the greater flexibility they offer. For instance, you may not be sure which team will win a game. However, after watching both teams play, you know which players can deliver good performances. So, instead of betting on the outcome of the game, you can go with a prop bet that you have more information about. And that is often the difference between winning and losing bets.

    Another thing that can make a big difference to the success of your bet props is the betting strategy you use. Doing some homework on the teams, players and markets you will bet on can make a world of difference. If you are out of ideas, feel free to go through the betting guides and tips we offer at Betpack. We are sure you will get inspired for your next prop bet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are prop bets?

    Prop bets focus on outcomes that may or may not be related to the final result of the match, such as the first player to score, the team to win the coin toss, or which artists will perform during the halftime show of the sporting event.

    What is a prop bet strategy?

    A prop bet strategy allows you to approach your prop bets more methodically and improve your chances of winning. For instance, you can have a strategy where you focus on specific events that you watch regularly or a particular team that you know everything about.

    When are prop bets for games released?

    Proposition bet markets and odds are released well in advance of games by most sportsbooks, but not as early as traditional betting markets. In general, prop markets may be released as early as seven days before the match or as late as the day of the game.

    Which sports have prop betting markets?

    Multiple sports have prop betting markets. These include popular sports such as football, basketball, baseball, cricket, American football, handball, golf, tennis, etc.

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