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Correct Score Betting

Steven D. Thompson


Are you looking to place your first correct score bet? We can help. Check out Betpack’s comprehensive betting guide and learn how to place educated correct score bets with our tried-and-tested betting tips and strategies. Think you can sense a 0-0 bore draw or a 3-3 thriller?

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    Correct Score Explained

    When you place a correct score bet, you predict the exact final outcome of a match. For instance, if a football match ends with a 3-2 win for the home team, 3-2 is the winning correct score bet you need to make. Pretty easy, right?

    Please note that the correct score bet type is different from the match-winner market (1X2). When placing the correct score bets, you wager on the exact result the match will end in. In this case, a 3-2 win for the home side. In contrast, when backing the home side in the 1X2 market, any score where the home team wins will result in winnings, e.g. 1-0, 2-1, or 3-2.

    Most of the time, when people speak about correct score bets, they refer to the final result of an entire match. However, you can also place wagers on halves, periods, quarters, sets, and other parts of a sports match that are considered whole segments. For example, you can make correct score predictions about the result at half-time in football, the final result of the first period in ice hockey, the correct score of a tennis set, and so on.

    Correct Score Betting Correct Score Betting

    Correct Score Markets

    As we mentioned, there are various correct score markets that you can bet on. The best way to understand them is to analyze each sports betting market individually, and that is exactly what we are going to do here.

    Match Correct Score

    When you bet on the correct score of a match, you place a wager on the final result of that game. For instance, if you are betting on a football match, you predict what the score will be after 90 minutes. Let’s say you are placing a bet that the match between Manchester United and PSG will end 2-2. If both teams score two goals each and the match finishes with that result, you have a winning bet. If the referee blows his whistle to end the match and the score is different, say, 1-1 or 2-1, you won’t win your wager.

    Half-Time Correct Score

    As the name suggests, with a half-time correct score bet, you predict what the half-time result will be. Let's say you bet on the Serie A game between Inter Milan and Juventus. You are not sure how the match will end, but you are pretty certain that Inter will be leading 2-0 at half-time. So, you place a bet saying FC Inter will win the first half with a score of 2-0. If the result at half-time is 2-0, you have a winning bet. The match may end differently, but if Inter was 2-0 ahead at half-time, that's all you care about.

    Quarters Correct Score

    If you are someone who enjoys placing basketball bets, you can bet on the correct score of individual quarters. Although this is not a market that all sportsbooks offer, you can still find it at the best online bookmakers, such as those we list at Betpack.

    When betting on the correct score of the first, second, third or fourth quarter, you predict the exact score of that quarter i.e. the number of points Team A and Team B will score. For example, if the LA Lakers score 30 and the Golden State Warriors score 28 points in the first quarter, the winning correct score bet for the first quarter is 30:28.

    Periods Correct Score

    You can also bet on the correct score of individual periods of a match if you wager on sports such as ice hockey or floorball. When you do, the goal is to make correct score predictions of the period you are betting on. For instance, if the Detroit Red Wings play the Tampa Bay Lightning and the first period ends 1-1, that is the correct score for that period.

    Correct Score in Sets

    If you are a tennis betting enthusiast, you have probably come across the correct score options for individual sets. As the name implies, when betting on this market, you make a correct score prediction about the number of games the two players will take in a given set. For instance, if Carlos Alcaraz plays against Daniil Medvedev and wins the second set 7-5, that is the winning correct score outcome for that set.

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    How to Place Correct Score Bets

    If you have never placed a correct score bet, fret not. Betpack has got you covered. We will show you all the steps and guide you through the entire process of placing a correct score bet. Here’s what you need to do to bet on correct score markets like a pro.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Pick a Top Bookie Step 1

    Step 1: Pick a Top Bookie

    Start by examining the top online bookmaker listings at Betpack. Find a sportsbook that you like and click on the link we provide. It will take you to the official betting site of that bookmaker.

    Register Step 2

    Step 2: Register

    Now, find the “Register” or “Sign Up” button to create an account with the bookmaker. During registration, you will be asked to enter your contact details and verify your account.

    Analyze the Possible Options Step 3

    Step 3: Analyze the Possible Options

    After you have registered an account, make your first deposit. When the money gets to your account, click on the match you want to bet on. Then start looking at the correct score options.

    Place Your Bet Step 4

    Step 4: Place Your Bet

    Before placing your bet, do your betting homework. Make sure everything checks out and you are confident you are making an educated bet. Click on the correct score option you fancy and place your wager.

    Strategies and Tips for Correct Score

    As with most betting types, you can improve your chances of winning correct score bets by relying on some proven correct score tips and strategies. While no strategy is guaranteed to result in instant success, using techniques and methods that have worked for others is often the best way to win while betting on correct score markets. Stay with Betpack - your trusted betting companion, as we present three correct score strategies you can benefit from.

    Tip 1 - Pick Bore Draws

    Tip 2 - Use Bonuses to Place Riskier Correct Score Bets

    Tip 3 - Hedge Your Bets by Betting In-Play

    It is easier to make an accurate correct score prediction of a match where both teams are defensively minded and are happy with a draw. When that’s the case, the final outcome is often 0-0. Compare that to one team being the favourite and the other a heavy underdog.

    Sure, you know that a favourite from the English Premier League, such as Manchester City or Liverpool will win matches, but the final score can be 2-0, 3-0, 4-1, or any other convincing victory. And that is difficult to predict.

    With goalless draws, you don’t need to worry about that. You can sit back and enjoy a game you would have otherwise avoided watching. Betpack's football betting tips are always a great place to start if you are looking for top-notch correct score predictions/tips, including 0-0 bore draws. Doing your own research on the two teams helps too.

    Correct scores are more difficult to get right, especially when you compare them to other markets, such as Over/Under total bets or point spread betting options. The good odds reflect that too. So, it might be a good idea to use the bookmaker’s bonus funds to place correct score bets instead of risking your own.

    Enticing betting offers such as free bets or deposit bonuses allows you to wager on riskier, higher-odds bets that result in decent winnings. And if you lose, it's not a big deal, as you've played with the betting site's bonus funds.

    Before triggering any bonus, though, ensure that you have read all the terms and conditions. Some bonuses come with steep wagering requirements, while others can only be activated by a specific selection of payment methods or require high qualifying deposits.

    The great thing about the correct score market is that you can bet on it in the pre-match and live betting section. And if you know how to use betting calculators, that presents you with a myriad of hedge wagering options for your correct score bets.

    Let’s say you placed a 2-1 correct score wager and the result is 2-1. However, you can see that the away team is attacking, and it is only a matter of time before they make it 2-2.

    When that’s the case, your best bet is to go to the live betting section and place an in-play wager on the 2-2 score. That way, if the match stays 2-1, you win, but you also get something if it ends 2-2.


    Correct score is a betting option that allows bettors to wager on the final match result. With the correct score bet type, you predict the score at the final whistle. If you place a bet on 0-1, the match must end in that exact result for you to win.

    The great thing about placing correct score bets is that they are quite exciting. With a little bit of luck and bettor-oriented betting guides and wagering strategies, correct score wagers can be quite profitable too. That's because they come with enticing odds, much higher than many other markets, allowing you to get decent winnings even when betting on single events and using moderate bet stake amounts.

    At Betpack, you can maximize the potential of your correct score wagers. We list the best correct score bookmakers and give you proven betting strategies. All you need to do is check out the best correct score tips today and pick one of our recommended sportsbooks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the correct score in betting?

    As the name suggests, correct score is a betting market that allows you to bet on the final result of a match. For instance, if you predict that the correct score will be 1-1, the match must end with one goal apiece for each team, 1-1.

    Is correct score betting profitable?

    The success of your correct score wagers depends on the betting strategies you use and whether you get lucky or not. Other than that, correct score odds are pretty enticing, so if you win, yes, correct score betting can be profitable.

    Can I place live correct score bets?

    Yes, you can. You can bet on in-play correct score markets at most top bookmakers featured at Betpack.

    What is a correct score double?

    A correct score double is a parlay bet where you wager on two correct score outcomes. In other words, you make two separate correct score predictions for two different matches, but the correct score odds of those two events are multiplied so you benefit from better winnings.

    What is a winning correct score tip?

    There's no such thing as a winning correct score tip in sports betting. However, there are well-researched correct score predictions that help you correctly predict the final results of matches. So, instead of simply guessing the outcome, read Betpack's top correct score tipsters and place educated correct score bets.

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