All You Need To Know About Live Football Betting
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In the past, anyone who wanted to gamble on a football match could only bet and watch the game until it was over to find out if the bet lost or won. However, things have changed, and today gamblers have more betting options available. Today, live betting lets you bet on a game while the game is still on!

Live betting is a very popular way of betting these days, and you can find different options on different platforms as in-running betting, in-play betting, or in-game betting. If you are new to this concept, this article will show you everything you need to know about live betting.

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Table of Contents

    Live Betting: What Does it Mean?

    Live bets are bets you make while the game is still going. As the name insinuates, you make your wager at any point when the game is live.

    Live football betting options that you can find on different platforms show similarities with typical sports such as basketball and hockey. Some live betting options include money lines, totals, point spread, etc. However, unlike regular games, the odds and lines in the bets will continue to change depending on how the game goes.

    Live Betting What Does it Mean Live Betting What Does it Mean

    Pros and Cons of Football Live Betting

    Football in-play betting is fun, but it also has a few drawbacks along with several advantages. Below is a list of the pros and cons of betting live on football.



    • You can alter your strategy as the game progresses
    • If you have done proper research, analysing the game is easy
    • Some bookmakers offer better odds in in-play than regular bets
    • Live bets make you feel like you are a part of the game


    • Without proper research, you can lose your bets
    • You need to think and react fast

    Types of Football Events Available for Live Bets

    Football is a great choice for live betting as a very vast range of leagues are available. Some of the most popular options you can make live bets on include:

    • Premier league betting
    • U23 Premier League Cup
    • Italian Campionato Primavera
    • Brazilian Brasilero Serie
    • Liga Italian Serie

    You can place bets on events like:

    • Yellow cards
    • Match outcome
    • Total number of goals after time elapsed
    • Total passes
    Types of Football Events Available for Live Bets Types of Football Events Available for Live Bets

    How to Make a Football Live-Bet with the Best Bookmaker

    Football in-play bets work similarly to pre-match football bets. However, the odds are constantly refreshed in this case because the game is live. This means you must note the possibility of odds changing, such as the current score, and what you see at the start of the game may be different at the second half-time. Once you have this out of the way, the tips below can help you place a live bet.


    Take a comprehensive look through the available bookmakers

    The first step in making a football live-bet is finding the right bookmaker. Our list of recommended bookmakers will guide you to find a properly licensed and regulated platform by reliable organizations like the UK Gambling Commission. You can do your own research on the internet.


    Streamline your options

    After finding a list of potential bookmakers, the next step is to streamline your options.


    Compare available odds and other perks

    Check out the odds and other perks like free bets available on different bookmakers and go for the one with the best.


    Make your bet

    Once you have settled for the bookmaker with the best odds, check the available live football events such as match outcome, yellow cars or home draw away and make your wager.


    Watch the game and adjust your strategy

    After making your wager, you will want to monitor the game and note any major changes and adjust your strategy.


    Football in-play betting improves your chances of winning by making use of the changing dynamics of a football match. However, this alone does not mean winning is always certain when making live bets. Things may develop in the game that can change the overall outcome, so you need to monitor the game as it progresses. Also, finding a platform offering good odds is crucial. Betpack's list of top betting sites online will help you find fully licensed and regulated platforms with the best odds.

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