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Entropay Betting Sites

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Entropay has become a popular method for depositing cash into your account and withdrawing your winnings.I n this guide to using Entropay for betting, we will take a look at which online betting sites accept Entropay cards as a viable way to bet. Along with this, we will show you how to deposit and withdraw funds, how it might work with free bets and which are the best Entropay betting sites available to you right now.
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  • Any fees you must take are generally very low.
  • Entropay has been a trusted payment method for almost 20 years.
  • There are no credit checks required when creating an Entropay account.
  • Bookmakers will not receive your card details when you use Entropay as your virtual card.


  • Not as many bookmakers accept Entropay as they do debit cards or credit cards.
  • While the fees you might face are small there are usually fees nonetheless.
  • Receiving funds from your betting account can sometimes take a few days.
  • Many new UK or new European betting sites will not allow you to use Entropay as a deposit or withdrawal option.
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Best Betting Sites That Accept Entropay

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Table of Contents

    What Is Entropay and How Does It Work?

    Entropy was founded back in 2003 by the same founders of Ixaris Systems. It had been hoped that Entropay could become an electronic payment method that would be a viable option for anyone at all times.

    Entropay enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, with those using it enjoying the added security, not paying fees and the speed at which someone can create a new account, while Entropay does not carry out a credit check when you come to using it.

    Entropay can be used by anyone that has made a new account or has had an account for years. Much in the same way as you would with other providers, you need to create your account, add funds, and then use your Entropay account to deposit funds into your betting sites account. Entropay can also be used to withdraw cash with certain sites too.

    One major benefit of Entropay that has helped to rival credit card payments and visa card payments is the fact it is incredibly secure, fast and flexible. You will also receive virtual cards when you create your account. This makes it easy to transfer money to your betting site or to shop online.

    Betting with Entropay

    Bettors choose to use Entropay virtual cards over the likes of their virtual visa card or their credit card because it can offer a different service to the aforementioned pair when it comes to playing at a sportsbook or live casino. There are no credit checks when it comes to getting creating an account, while many first bet offers accept Entropay as a viable online payment method. With quick depositing and withdrawing alongside solid security, it is no wonder the Entropay website is visited so often.

    How Do We Find the Best Entropay Bookmakers?

    When we come to finding the best Entropay betting sites, or any betting site for that matter, our experts take a huge amount of time to review a range of factors. This helps us to ensure that you are only getting the best online gambling sites and payment methods.

    Below, we have listed a small handful of the factors we deem to be most important when you come to using a virtual card for online gambling.


    Deposits, Withdrawal Limits and Speed

    When you come to getting money in and out of your account, you want your prepaid payment method to provide you with quick depositing and withdrawing. This is important as a quick deposit can help to ensure you do not miss out on betting on the big game, while fast withdrawals help you to get your hands on your winnings quicker. Big withdrawal and depositing limits allow you to fill your account with as little or as much cash from your virtual cards as you see fit.


    Eligibility for the Bonuses

    This is a very important factor as, believe it or not, there are still some betting sites that will not allow you to receive a bonus or free bets if it comes from a certain payment method. Usually, credit or debit card payments are accepted, but if you want to fund your online gambling account and get bonuses through your Entropay account, then you might have to be slightly pickier with which bookie you play with.


    Transaction Fees

    Nobody wants to be charged for trying to move or use their money. Whether you get charged for using your debit card at a cash machine or sending cash from your account to your bookie of choice, you do not want to get charged for using your hard-earned money. This is why many of the best sites that accept Entropay boast not charging you fees for using your Entropay virtual card.

    Facts About Entropay Betting

    Facts About Entropay Betting Facts About Entropay Betting

    How to Register at Entropay Betting Sites

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Find your bookmaker Step 1

    Find your bookmaker

    Head over to our list of betting sites that accept Entropay to find out which bookmakers will offer you the ability to use your Entropay account to fund your betting account. When you have found the bookie for you, head over to their website.

    Create your account Step 2

    Create your account

    Joining will see you clicking on the Join or Register button that is often found in the top right corner of the page. Clicking on this button will take you to a page that asks you to create your account by filling in all the details like your email address, date of birth and more.

    Confirm your account Step 3

    Confirm your account

    Bookmakers will likely ask you to confirm your account via SMS or email. Do this to complete the creation of your account, meaning you will have full access to your site of choice.

    Select Entropay as your payment method Step 4

    Select Entropay as your payment method

    Now, you need to select the option as your payment method of choice. Picking it instead of other methods like e-Wallets or debit and credit cards will allow you to deposit funds and bet using Entropay.

    How to Make Entropay Deposits

    Depositing with the payment option is very easy. If you have already created your account, head to the main cashier page of your bookie of choice. Select Entropay and enter your account details before entering how much you want to deposit. Your transaction will then be processed with your funds added to your account instantly.

    How to Make Entropay Withdrawals

    This process is as simple as it is to deposit funds into your account. Simply head to the cashier page on your bookie's website, enter the relevant details once you have selected Entropay and then enter the amount you want to withdraw.

    Entropay vs Credit Card Sportsbooks

    Check icon

    Many sites offer Entropay betting options.

    Cancel icon

    Players using Entropay will often get charged for transactions to put money from their bank account into their Entropay account.

    Check icon

    Entropay security does not pass your card details to the bookmaker.

    Cancel icon

    An Entropay card could see restrictions apply when it comes to offers for new customers.

    Check icon

    Entropay card holders can benefit from the fact that they are one of the few prepaid cards that allow players to withdraw using their Entropay account.


    Credit Card
    Cancel icon

    UK customers are unable to use credit cards for gambling transactions.

    Check icon

    Players are not usually charged for a deposit using a credit card.

    Cancel icon

    You will have to enter your credit card details onto a site when you come to making transactions before you bet, much like with other certain deposit types.

    Check icon

    Credit cards are not usually a restricted payment method when you come to unlock a free bet for a new customer.

    Cancel icon

    Credit card players are not usually able to withdraw using their cards.

    Entropay Experiences

    Vic - "They offer great customer support along with a fast and polished product."

    Henry - "I have been an Entropay user since 2010 and I could not recommend them more!"

    Sandra - "Fast, reliable and supportive."

    Alternatives to Entropay Betting Sites

    Entropay is a viable alternative to many of the other payment methods out there. However, if you prefer to have a physical card or an e-wallet that you have already linked to your bank account when you come to making a bet on your selected games with bookies, then you may want to pay and bet with one of the following options:

    • Visa debit card,

    • Credit Card,

    • PayPal,

    • Apple/Android Pay,

    • e-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller, etc).

    Entropay Betting Summary

    • When it comes to making a bet on sports, our expert writers have got you covered. We go out of our way to understand the boring parts like the expiry date, game weighting, wagering requirements, the restrictions of a virtual Visa when betting and more, so you can focus on the fun part.

    • On this page, we have given you everything you will need to link your bank account with an Entropay account, find a bookmaker that offers it as a viable payment method and more. If you want to check out our range of available bookmakers, then head to our list of the best betting sites.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it easy to use Entropay at bookmakers?

    Yes, betting with Entropay is as easy as it is with any other payment method. You simply need to create an account with the payment option, find a bookie that allows it as a viable payment option, create an account with them and start betting.

    How long do Entropay withdrawals take?

    Generally, withdrawals with Entropay are quick if not instant. It is a betting option that will let you get money into your account quickly, although we recommend checking out how long your bookie of choice says it will take to withdraw.

    Is Entropay safe for betting?

    Yes, Entropay is very safe to use when betting. A major positive when you use it is the fact that no card details are transferred between Entropay and the bookie, helping to make it a privacy-orientated option.

    Are there any hidden Entropay fees?

    You will not usually pay fees when it comes to sending funds from your account to your betting account. However, you will pay a small fee when you put money into your Entropay account.

    Can I get bonuses if I deposit with Entropay at bookmakers?

    This completely depends on your bookie of choice. Most sites that allow Entropay will let you make a deposit to unlock a new customer offer with the payment option, although we recommend you check the terms and conditions of the offer to be sure.

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