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NBA Betting Systems

Steven D. Thompson


Are you looking for ways to boost the success rate of your NBA bets? Our proven NBA betting systems can do that for you. Sometimes you need to cover more than just your sports betting basics to have winning basketball bets. However, creating your own betting system is not as easy as it sounds. That's where our tried and tested basketball betting systems come in handy. Read on to learn about the best NBA wagering strategies and how you can profit from them. Let's start!

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    Blowout Betting System

    With the blowout betting system, you bet against the spread when favourites have won with a 15+ margin in their previous game. A Sports Insights analysis found that NBA teams that win a game by 15+ points and put in a blowout performance cover a 10+ point spread in their next game only 42.5 per cent of the time. That drop in performance is probably down to the team playing to the best of their potential in the game before and players being tired after a demanding NBA match.

    So, if you see that a team needs to beat a 10+ spread, and has triumphed with over 15 points in the previous game, bet against the spread. According to the blowout betting system, there's a 57.5 per cent chance that your bet will be a winning one.

    Tunnel Betting System Tunnel Betting System

    Tunnel Betting System

    The tunnel betting system is all about those small wagering margins and takes advantage of NBA betting providers offering different total point lines. So, let's say there are two betting sites you are considering. What is the best betting site? One bookmaker offers a 220.5 Over/Under point line while another sets the threshold for the same game at 217.5 points.

    To profit from the tunnel betting system, you bet Over with the bookmaker that has a 217.5-point line, and you bet Under with the betting operator offering a line of 220.5 points. As you can see, if the game ends in 218, 219, or 220 points in total, you will have a winning bet at both partner friendly bookmakers. If it ends in any other point total, at least one of your bets will win. Pretty cool, right?

    Of course, it goes without saying that if only one of your bets wins, you will suffer a minor loss. However, the promise of having two winning bets at best and at least one winning wager at worst is too enticing to ignore.

    Moreover, if you find two bookmakers that give you a 'tunnel' of 6 or 7 points and not just 3 points like in the example above, you can increase your chances of having two winning wagers even further. 

    Martingale NBA Betting System

    NBA games come with one of the best sports betting markets for implementing the Martingale betting system. As you may know by now, the Martingale betting system asks you to double your stake every time your bet loses. And NBA point total markets areal for that as they give you the best odds for this system to work - even money bets.

    Let's say you pick the Chicago Bulls and decide to back them with £10 to go Over the 110.5 in a game. If your bet loses, the Martingale system says you must double your stake the next time you back the Bulls to score over 110.5 points. So, you bet £20 on Over 110.5 in the next Bulls game. If that bet loses, you wager £40 on the Bulls and the same point line the next time they go out on the court. Sooner or later, the Bulls will go over that 110.5 point threshold, and you will have a winning bet that will cover your previous losses and win you some extra money too.

    However, for the Martingale system to work, you need two things: patience and a sizeable betting budget. It is not uncommon for Martingale followers to go for months without having a winning bet. Patience is crucial here and having enough money to get through that period is even more important. Therefore, only go with the Martingale system if you have the patience and resources to endure long winless periods.  

    Three in Four Betting System

    Teams playing three games in four days tend to get tired. Tired teams find it harder to put on convincing defensive displays. And that results in high-scoring games. According to, teams playing this many games in such short periods of time go Over the points margin almost 59 per cent of the time.

    Bounce Back System Bounce Back System

    Bounce Back System

    The Bounce Back System says that teams that have poor offensive performances in one game perform much better in the next game, especially when they are playing as the home team. According to Bet Labs, 62 per cent of the time, when teams underscore in a game, they went perform much better in the next home game.

    The D'Alembert System

    The D'Alembert system is very similar to the Martingale strategy as you need to find even money bets for it to work. As we already mentioned, Over/Under NBA markets areal for this, so D'Alembert is definitely a system you should consider, especially if you are an NBA bettor who's on a tight budget.

    Unlike the Martingale system, you don't double your bet stake when your NBA basketball wager loses. Instead, you increase it by one unit. For instance, if you staked £10 on the Lakers to go Over 110.5 and you lost, the next time you bet on that market, you will stake £11. If you lose again, you will back your chosen NBA team with £12, £13, £14 and so on until you get a winning wager.

    If your bet wins, you do the opposite and decrease your stake by one unit with each next winning bet. For instance, if the Lakers go Over 110.5 and you back that outcome with £10, you should stake £9 on your next even money bet. If your next wager is a losing bet, you once again increase your next bet stake by one unit to £10, and so on.

    As you can see, the D'Alembert system is a much better option for NBA bettors who are playing on a tight budget. Martingale can stretch your bankroll, but D'Alembert can keep you in the NBA game for much longer.

    All of these systems will look pretty complicated at the first glance, especially to casual bettors who are new to this. Luckily, our calculators are here to help you out. Find one suitable for your play style and fill out those betting slips hassle-free.

    How We Find Proven NBA Betting Systems

    We don't just write and advise about proven NBA betting systems. We put them through a battery of tests too. Read on to learn more about locating the best NBA betting systems and the methods we use to separate the wheat from the chaff.


    Make a list of systems

    First, we create a comprehensive list of all basketball betting systems known to punters. We are careful to include all possible betting systems here. Our goal in this step is to list all existing basketball systems, not only the best ones.


    Put each betting system to the test

    Now that we have a list of betting systems, it is time to put each one to the test. How do we do that? We place at least ten bets using the instructions the system comes with. We make sure to mark and rate the success of each wager individually.


    Compare the success rate of each system

    Next, we compare the win rate of each system. This step takes us the most time. We sometimes need to wait for an entire NBA season to finish to find games that would qualify for each of our systems. However, that's not a problem for us, as we know that testing betting systems is painstaking work.


    Feature betting systems with the best success ratio

    When we finally get and compare the results for each NBA betting system, we feature the best-performing ones on our site. All of the betting systems you see here have been tried and tested and have produced the best bet-to-win ratio. So, pick one and test it yourself. We are confident you will like the results.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can you always win basketball bets?

    It's impossible to win all your basketball bets. However, if you use a tried and tested basketball betting strategy like the Blowout or Bounce Back System, for instance, you can significantly increase your chances of having a winning bet.

    Is NBA betting profitable?

    It depends. If you analyse basketball bets before you place them and use a proven NBA betting system, you can increase the success of your wagers. Of course, as with all types of sports betting, you will also need to get a little lucky to have a profitable NBA betting adventure.

    What is the most profitable betting strategy?

    he Blowout System is a proven NBA betting strategy that can be quite profitable when used correctly. It stipulates that teams that win a game by 15+ points don't beat a 10+ point spread in the next game, where they are favourites 57.5 per cent of the time.

    What is the best way to bet on basketball?

    The best way to bet on basketball is to place different types of bets and to use a proven NBA betting strategy. That means you shouldn't just pick match-winners but instead go for different bet types. Relying on one of the NBA betting strategies we describe here will also be beneficial.

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