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Sports Betting Strategies - Guide to SuccessSports Betting Strategies - Guide to Success

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Seasoned punters rely on betting strategies, and so should you. A tried-and-tested betting system improves your chances of winning bets, and the right sports betting strategy always results in more educated wagers. And you don't need to be a pro sports bettor to know how to use these betting methods. Read our best betting strategies guide and boost the success of your bets now!

Handicap Bet

Want to know how the handicap bet works? We've got what you need. Learn more about handicap betting and how to profit from it now!

07/03/2024; 12:10 PM

Corner Betting

Looking for a proven corner betting strategy? We have what you need. Learn the art of betting on corners and start winning now!

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Draw No Bet

Want to know more about Draw No Bet and how it works? We can help. Learn everything you need to know about the market now!

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Both Team to Score

Want to learn how Both Team to Score works? Learn more about BTTS and get valuable Both Teams to Score tips!

29/05/2024; 10:52 AM

Winning Margin

With winning margin bets you wager on sports but don't care which team will win and with what score? Learn more about winning margin bets!

11/07/2024; 08:08 AM

Clean Sheet Odds

Looking for the best clean sheet odds? We can help! Learn about betting on clean sheets and how you can profit from it!

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Want to bet on HT/FT and win? We have got you covered! Read our Half-Time/Full-Time betting guide and start winning!

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Moneyline Bet

Are you looking to place a moneyline bet but want to learn more about moneyline betting first? We've got what you need!

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3-Way Handicap

Want to learn more about 3-way handicap betting? We've got what you need! Start placing 3-way handicap bets like a pro now!

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Over/Under Betting

Want to know more about Over/Under betting? We've got what you need! Learn the best Over/Under betting strategies and start winning!

23/02/2024; 10:39 AM

Double Chance Bet

Want to learn how to place a double chance bet like a pro? We can help. Learn how double chance betting works and start winning now!

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Parlay Bet

Want to place your first parlay bet like a pro? Check out our parlay bet guide, learn what is a parlay bet and improve your combo bets!

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Correct Score Betting

Want to learn more about correct score betting options? Check out Betpack’s correct score betting guide and benefit from top strategies and tips.

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Prop Bets

Learn how prop bets work with Betpack's prop bets guide. Discover top props betting strategies and find the best bookmakers for bet props!

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Futures Betting

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Point Spread Betting

Want to place your first point spread bet? Check out Betpack's point spread betting guide and learn useful tips and strategies!

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Teaser Bet

Want to learn how to place a teaser bet? Discover the perks of betting teasers and find the best online sportsbooks for teaser bets in this guide!

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What is Vig

Looking to place a winning bet at the best odds? Check out Betpack's vig guide! Find low vig betting lines and wager get the best value for your sports bets!

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Scorecast Betting

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Asian Total Goals Betting

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First Player to Score Betting

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Penalty Awarded Betting

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Micro Betting

Discover what micro betting is with our comprehensive guide. Learn about popular markets, how to place bets and winning strategies.

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Each Way Bet

Learn everything you need to know about each way bet, including how it works, tips, and strategies. Bet smarter with each way bets today.

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Head to Head Bets

Want to learn more about placing head to head bets? Find head to head betting options and discover top betting sites for head to head bets!

26/06/2024; 03:35 PM

Table of Contents

    Basic Sports Betting Strategies

    Few sports bettors know that even the safest betting strategy can go a long way. But what is a basic strategy? In short, a basic online betting strategy is a wagering approach that anyone can use with little or no preparation. Basically, you try to have more control over your budget and the outcome of your bets by adhering to a few simple betting principles. These principles are super-easy to understand and implement, meaning any bettor can add them to their sports betting repertoire. 

    Betting is never easy, and it doesn't guarantee you any kind of certainty - not at least when it comes to winning. But there just might be a chance to increase the possibility to have more winning bets: betting strategies that work can go a long way.

    But what is a basic strategy? In short, a basic online betting strategy is a wagering approach that anyone can use with little or no preparation; of course, you need to understand the strategy in order to have the chance of being a successful bettor. But the idea behind having a basic sports betting strategy is this: you try to have more control over your budget and the outcome of your bets by adhering to a few simple betting principles. These principles are super-easy to understand and implement, meaning any bettor can add them to their sports betting repertoire. In this guide, we will go through all of the different sports betting strategies, but here's how you can up your betting game in no time in a nutshell:


    To Establish Some Bankroll Management

    First, make sure you have a betting budget - an amount you will only use to place online bets. Our advice here is to manage your bankroll by setting aside an amount of money you can afford to lose. That way, your betting expenses will never interfere with your day-to-day costs. You can calculate this budget on a weekly or monthly basis - it's up to you.


    Avoid Rushing and Be Patient

    Don't try to become an instant millionaire nor cover your losses with bets you haven't thought out. The only way to try to win money, in the long run, is to place educated wagers. So, if you lost all your Champions League bets that you believed in, don't break the bank on obscure table tennis competitions to instantly cover your losses. That's a recipe for disaster.


    Research for Value Betting

    Successful punters always find value bets, and you want to be able to do the same. To do this, however, you must do your sports betting homework. Look for wagers you think will come to fruition and have good odds too. It is these gems of bets that beginner bettors overlook but seasoned pros thrive on. Be like the latter with your sports betting strategy.


    Don't Do Your Sports Bets with Your Heart but With Your Head

    When placing your bets, emotions don't have a place in a good sports betting strategy. The only way to win bets is to use reason and to do your research. That means not to back your favourite team just because you support it. Similarly, don't back the weaker team just because you love a good underdog story. Place sensible and well-thought-out bets, and you will have a better chance to reap the rewards.


    Analyze Return On Investment (ROI)

    Sports bets and investments have a lot in common: both just might reward you handsomely if you have the right approach and perform your due diligence. So, just as you would with any good investment, always keep an eye on your betting expenditure and windfall. That way, you will know if you need to increase or decrease your bankroll, stake less or more, go for the early cash out more often, etc.


    Do Not Trust Gamblers Fallacy

    Gambler's fallacy can be a problem for sports bettors too. Just because an outcome has occurred many times in the past, it doesn't mean that it will definitely happen again and again. All winning runs end sooner or later, and even the worst losing streak ends in a draw or a win. Do your research instead of believing in fate or predetermined outcomes.

    Most Common Sports Betting Strategies

    If you have never used an online betting strategy before, now is a great time to start. Below we list the most popular betting strategies and tell you how to make the most from each bet type. All you need to do is pick the method you think will work for you and place your bet at the best bookie for it.

    Home Winning Moneyline Bets

    Backing the home team to win always makes sense and home-winning moneyline bets are the first port of call for professional punters. The loyal fans, home advantage, and familiar surroundings help the home team players to give a bit more than the visitors. So, if the home and away teams are evenly matched, backing the home side might be the best betting strategy. You will get good odds and a value bet. And speaking of good odds, LynxBet has some of the best home winning moneyline odds for that home win you fancy.

    1X Double Chance Bets

    If you think the home team will win, but want a safety net for your wager, going with 1x double chance bets is a safe betting strategy. Both home win and draw pay, and unlike the x2 bet, you also have the home supporters working for you. Check our review to see how it excels at double chance markets and has enticing 1x odds.

    Handicap Betting Strategies 

    If you want higher odds for favourites or a bit of a helping hand when backing underdogs, you will love handicap betting. Go with a 2-way handicap bet, only home or away win, when you want to narrow down the number of outcomes. This is one of the best strategies for sports betting. In contrast, if you fancy adding the draw outcome to the mix, go with a 3-way handicap and predict the final result that way. Whichever handicap market you choose, Freshbet sportsbook has it.

    Draw No Bet (DNB)

    Punter love Draw No Bet. With DNB, you back the winner and get your money back if there's a draw. Just like double chance, Draw No Bet gives you a safety cushion if the match ends in a draw, but with higher odds. For the best DNB odds, check out Powbet.

    Martingale Strategy on Draw Betting

    One of the most popular football betting strategies is to use the Martingale approach to bet on draws. Let's explain. The most common draw odds in football are around 2/1 (3.00). With the Martingale strategy, you bet on draws and every time your wager loses, you double your stake. Let's say you bet £10 and lose. Then you place a £20-second bet on a different match to end in a draw and lose again. So, your third bet is £40. If you win, you collect approximately £120 (40x3), meaning you cover your previous two losses and make a decent profit. The Martingale strategy on draw betting is best used at Betcoco because the bookie has pretty high draw odds.

    Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

    The name says it all. Both teams to score is an excellent market to bet on as you don't have to stress over which team wins. All you need is both teams to score (or not). The great thing about BTTS is that it is a 2-way market, so it's easy to cover both outcomes if you need to protect an accumulator bet, for instance. LeoVegas sportsbook is excellent for BTTS bets as it offers tons of games and enticing BTTS odds.

    Clean Sheet

    If one of the teams doesn't concede a goal, then they have kept a clean sheet. At Mystake sportsbook, you can bet on that and get the best odds in the industry. Bet on organized and well-drilled teams that have quality goalkeepers and world-class defenders to give your clean sheet bets a better chance of coming to fruition.

    Corner Betting

    At top-quality sportsbooks such as Bet It All, you can also bet on corners. Corner betting is an excellent market to bet on when you expect a lot of action in front of one or both goals. Teams that like to shoot and defend deep are usually your best options for this market.

    Low Stakes Accumulators

    Looking for a big win from a super-small stake? Go with low-stakes accumulators at bookies such as Pledoo and get the most bang for your buck. With low-stakes ACCAs, you benefit from the multiplied odds of your bet slip selections which often result in massive potential wins from minimal stakes.

    Betting Over/ Under

    You don't have to bet on the final outcome of a match to make watching it interesting. You can do the same by betting Over/Under. O/U is an enticing 2-way market that allows you to enjoy a match and possibly profit from knowing how teams play. Two attack-minded teams face off? Might be smart to bet Over 2.5 Goals and wait for the goals to start flowing. A bore fest in sight? It could be a gooda to bet Under 1.5 Goals and then hopefully profit from enticing O/U odds bookies such as Greatwin.

    Late Goals Betting Strategies

    Do you know teams that always score in the dying minutes of matches? Why not bet on late goals then? Different bookmakers offer different types of late-goal markets, so you will have no shortage of options. Check our BetSofa review and see an example of what professional bettors frequently visit with a plan to profit from last-gasp winners scored in so-called Fergie-time.

    Betting System 1-3-2-6 Strategy

    1-3-2-6 is a positive progression betting system that you only use on even-money bets such as Odd/Even goals. With it, you first decide on a base unit you will stake. Let's say it's £5 (that's the 1 in the system). If your first bet wins, you have £10. Then following the 1-3-2-6 betting system, you place a £15 bet (that's the 3 in the system (3x£5)). If that bet wins too, you place a £10 wager (that's the 2). Lastly, if your next wager is a winning one, you bet £30 (that's the 6 in the system). For best results, use the 1-3-2-6 strategy at a reputable bookie like BetOBet.

    Kelly Criterion Formula

    The Kelly Criterion formula tells you how much of your funds you should bet on odds that are higher than expected. Many seasoned bettors and investors swear by the formula and say it has helped them get an edge over different bookmakers. For them, the Kelly Criterion calculator is an essential tool that transforms the sportsbook's edge into a player advantage. See if the Kelly Criterion strategy works at MyStake, a bookie with super-small odds margins and perfect for this betting approach.

    The Fibonacci Betting System

    With the Fibonacci betting system, you follow the naturally occurring Fibonacci sequence and increase your bet stake every time you lose. This is a negative progression betting system and is as follows 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc. Basically, when you lose a wager, you move one number to the right and stake that many units. In contrast, when you win, you move two numbers to the left and go on from there. Try the Fibonacci system at LynxBet and see if it works for you.

    Surebets / Arbitrage Betting Strategies

    To profit from sure bets, also known as arbitrage bets, you need to wager at different bookmakers and find the best odds. In short, you bet on 3-way or 2-way markets and cover all outcomes that different bookies offer. Sportsbooks with high odds and tons of bonuses are the best for arbitrage betting.

    Sports Betting Dutching Strategy

    Dutching is the best sports betting strategy. It is when you back more than one selection from a single event. Even though it was first designed for horse racing, it can also be used in many other sports. As with sure bets, bonuses can go a long way when you are using dutching strategy so picking a generous bookie like BetSofa is a must.

    Cash Out Strategy

    Picking a bookie with a cash out function such as Rizk is a lifesaver. With cash out, you take your money before all legs in your bet slip have been settled. That means lower, but guaranteed profit, and many early wins.

    Fixed Odds Betting

    Simply put, it means that the odds won't fluctuate after you have placed your bet, so you know instantly how much the potential winnings are. Most sportsbooks use fixed betting odds, but in some cases, like with horse racing, they might use a method calledng price or pari-mutuel; in these instances, you will know the final odds when the market closes.

    How We See Betting Strategies Benefiting Us?

    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Betting Strategy Logo Step 1


    Using a betting strategy makes the process of wagering on sports methodical and precise. That allows you to manage your bankroll successfully and control how much you spend and win. A betting system also makes bets more objective and removes all emotion from your wagers. That, in turn, puts you in complete control of your destiny and increases the chances of having a winning bet.

    Most Common Sports Betting Strategies Step 2


    The strategies for betting we list have been around for some time. For instance, dutching was invented in the 1920s, while the Fibonacci sequence was discovered eight centuries ago. If they are pure nonsense, don't you think they would have been relegated to the ash heap of history by now? The fact that they are still relevant and very much in use tells you that they have proven successful for many sports bettors and are worth a try.

    Sports betting guide Step 3


    There's no doubt that sports betting strategies increase your chances of winning. Take arbitrage or matched betting, for instance. With it, you bet on all outcomes. In other words, whatever the result, you win. So, if you find the right bookies with the right odds, you have increased your chances of winning to 100%. Although, we have to remind you that arbitrage betting is something bookmakers don't appreciate one bit. Similarly, the Kelly Criterion tells you how much to stake and, more importantly, which odds are worth your time and money and which ones you should avoid. If you follow this betting system, you will find the best bets and odds, thus increasing your probability of making a profit.

    a Step 4


    Bettors that utilize betting systems have much better chances of winning bets, especially in the long run. Many punters who don't use a betting strategy often get lucky and enter massive winning streaks. However, those winning runs end sooner or later and may never come back. It is all down to luck. With betting systems, though, it is different. You try to remove luck from the equation and remain profitable in the long run. It may take some time to get that win. However, if you stick to the system, you're increasing the likelihood of winning.

    The Best Strategy in Sports Betting

    The only way to have a cost-effective betting adventure is to utilize a betting approach. Most punters turn to wagering strategies because they make the process more objective and methodical. However, to get there, you need to pick the best strategy in sports betting that works for you. Here are some key things to have in mind.

    Build Your Own Method

    Many betting strategies promise profits either instantly or in the long run. However, before you go for one, try to use the knowledge we have given you and come up with your own method. That method can be a combination of bankroll management, improved bet research, and some of the strategies we list.

    Master a Specific Betting Type and Competition

    Do you fancy Over/Under bets more than anything else? Do you think you are really good at half-time/full-time wagers? Then why not specialize in them? And why not specialize in a certain sport, league, or competition as well? Mastering one or several bet types/sports/leagues often results in more educated bets and more frequent wins.

    Research Best Odds Across Bookmakers

    A punter is only as good as the bookmaker he chooses. That's why it is paramount that you pick a bookie that gives you great odds and works with minimal edges. At Betpack, we tell you the odds margin of each sportsbook, making it super-easy to find the one with the best odds.

    Read About Different Strategies and Choose Your Perfect Match

    The ideal betting strategy is the one that suits your betting style the most. Our advice is to read about different systems, or even better, try them, and then settle on the one that gave you the best results.

    Follow Your Bets Live and Take Advantage of Cash Out Feature

    Once you place your bet, follow it live. That way, you will be able to sense if a favourable situation will inevitably turn sour. Most of the bookies listed on our website offer live bets and cash out options. So, if you sense things aren't going your way, take the early cash out or place a new bet that reflects the action on the pitch.

    Conclusion for the Perfect Betting Strategy

    Want to find the perfect wagering system? You are now closer to the best strategy for sports betting than you have ever been. All you need to do is take the info we have given you and settle on a betting approach that will work best for you.

    Sure, betting strategies have their flaws, and you often have to be able to absorb losing streaks before getting a winner. However, in the long run, most of these popular betting strategies might just be successful in your hands. In short, if you want to improve your chances of winning, our time-tested betting strategies are your best bet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most profitable betting strategy?

    It all depends on how big your bankroll is and the odds and sports markets you are betting on. That said, the Kelly Criterion has become famous among bettors for giving players an advantage over bookmakers, provided they find favourable odds.

    Which bet is the easiest to win?

    Bets covering two outcomes, such as double chance, are great if you are looking to maximize your chances of winning. However, they often come with lower odds, and at the end of the day, there's no such thing as an easy bet.

    What is the safest strategy for sportsbook betting?

    When done right and under the right conditions, arbitrage betting is the safest betting strategy. With it, you cover all possible options, meaning you will win regardless of the outcome. But bear in mind that bookies might get you banned if they notice you're using this method.

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