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Super League project not dead - changes afoot

Super League project not dead - changes afoot

20/10/2021; 2:49 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

The battle for the soul of football continues with different parties jostling for their share of the pot.

Now it is clear that the news made by UEFA and FIFA to put a sword through the heart of the Super League project was to protect its interest. During the protests that rocked the football world, the claims were that football was about the fans. It has turned out that fans feature in the picture only as far as their input financially is concerned.

With UEFA battling FIFA over its proposal to have the World Cup occur every two years, the European governing body will have to face a battle on another front as its control of football in Europe is challenged.

Recent leaks have revealed that contrary to the belief that the Super League, thea is still very much alive as it will be making a return with a new face.

European Super League still alive

With the influx of billionaire owners in football, it has become harder for most clubs to compete on an even keel. Clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, AC Milan and Juventus are beginning to feel the strangulating effects of non-football money poured into these clubs.

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain turned to football giants overnight, thanks largely to oil money. With no pedigree and no heritage, they sit at the dinner table of the traditional clubs with a longstanding history. After their recent takeover, Newcastle will be hoping they can attain those heights soon enough as well.

The European Super League project is not dead, as assumed by many. According to German outlet Wirtschafts Woche, they claim to have seen a leaked document and that the project is progressing with a new structure.

The project has moved ahead with several tweaks to the originala. The progress is despite the exit of a majority of the clubs.

Tweaks to the project

Unlike the previous plan that will have permanent members, the newa will present all countries across Europe with the chance to qualify for the final tournament.

According to the German outlet, there will be a first division comprising 20 teams. Another 20 will qualify for a second group.

The new plan suggests that after the debacle of the initial project that lessons have been learned. It initially seemed to alienate the fans. The new project has fans at the heart of it. According to the alleged document, fans will be subsidized for away games, and 70% of seats at finals, reserved exclusively for the fans.

The delay in the announcement of the new changes is due to the case in court. Once its case against UEFA at the European Court of Justice is over, the announcement will be made.

Part of the document states that the proposed European Super League commits to abolishing thea of permanent members.

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