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Free Bet CalculatorFree Bet Calculator

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A free bet calculator is used for calculating free bets offered by bookmakers to bet on sports events for free. This tool gives the bettors a detailed evaluation and analysis of free bets to get the appropriate outcome. Fortunately, our free bet calculator is here to help you calculate the likely profits without hassles. Keep reading to find out how you can use it.
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Table of Contents

    What is the free bet calculator?

    The free bet calculator helps calculate the likely payout you will get from any free bet. With the help of this calculator, you eradicate the possibility of human mistakes and save time while increasing your potential payout.

    To use our free bet calculator, you only need to fill in back stake, back odds, and commission, along with the lay odds and commission. The calculator will instantly show you the overall profit, lay stake, liability, and bet details. Thus, you can rest assured that there will be no surprises when it's time to withdraw your winnings.

    What Is a Free Bet?

    Free bets are bonus offers bookmakers use to draw in new players and encourage loyalty among old players. As the name implies, free bets allow players to wager on their favourite sports for free without any risks. If you wager using a free bet, you are betting using the bonus offered to you by the sportsbook instead of your own funds.

    One important thing to note about free bets is that your free bet stake is not added to your winnings from a free bet. For instance, if you wager a £20 free bet on a 3/1 selection, your winnings would be £60 instead of £80. Free bets are one of the major benefits you enjoy when you bet online as opposed to physical shops.

    Types of Free Bets

    Free bets are usually targeted at new customers to get them to register and play on a specific platform. In this situation, they are commonly referred to as welcome bonuses. However, these bets can also be aimed at existing customers too in a way to encourage loyalty. These include but are not limited to VIP bonuses, best betting reload offers and unique goodies like birthday bonuses.

    How to Use the Free Bet Calculator on Betpack?

    Similar to other calculators, free bet calculators could be complicated if you are a newbie. However, you have nothing to worry about. In this section, we cover the steps you will go through while using the calculator.

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    nothing Step 1

    Select the Free Bet

    The first step is to pick the free bet offer you want to use. There are many offers available, so it is important to weigh each before you make a choice properly. Once this is done, you can then enter bet details as discussed below.

    nothing Step 2

    Input your Back Stake

    All free bet offers come with a minimum amount you need to stake to be eligible. This is what makes up your back stake. Input it in the calculator and have a look at the results section to view your lay stake.

    nothing Step 3

    Input the Back Odds and Commission

    Input the lay stake required and check the results section for the liabilities. This will help you see if you lose any cash in the total bet. Make sure to fill in every box to get the right results.

    nothing Step 4

    Input the Lay Odds and Commission

    Once you have entered all the needed information, our free betting calculator will show the ideal liability, lay stake, overall profit, and overall bet details. The next move is for you to make the wager.

    Why You Should Use the Free Bet Calculator

    The free betting calculator makes your task more manageable. With our free bet calculator, you can instantly calculate free bets and enjoy a range of other benefits. Below, we will cover some of the benefits you stand to gain with this tool.

    Get Insights into Your Profits

    One of the most critical functions of a free betting calculator is the capacity to show your expected profits. If you have insights into this information in advance, you will know if you will make a loss or profit.

    The best part is that the likely profit amount is also on the high side since the exchange charges between 2 – 5% for lay commissions. This means you can earn profits of around 95-98% of the free bet.

    Easily Note the Best Lay Stakes

    With the free betting calculator, you can easily find the right lay stakes to bring you profit. All you need to do is pick the free bet bonus, input the lay odds and back odds, and input the exchange commission. Then, the calculator will show the lay bet required.

    Get Rid of Human Errors

    As humans, there is a tendency to make errors when doing calculations. This can have a negative impact on your wager and make you lose money. Our free odds calculator eradicates the possibility of mistakes, ensuring you get the best returns from your wagers.

    Save Time

    With the free bet calculator, you no longer have to go through the stress of calculating theal lay stakes for getting profit from a free bet. Calculating the returns on some fractional odds can be very complex and time-consuming. With the calculator, you can determine theal lay bet in seconds!

    Free Bet Calculator vs Lay Bet Calculator

    The free bets calculator is a very efficient tool that helps you to calculate your overall profit from free bets. However, this does not mean that it is the only calculator used to calculate bets.

    There are other calculators like the odds calculator, matched betting calculator, betting odds calculator, and lay bet calculator. For instance, the lay bet calculator helps you determine the likely profits, liabilities, winnings from winning bet, and returns on a lay bet. Below, we will be looking into how both stand against one another.

    Free Bet Calculator
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    Used to get extra profit from any free bet type

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    Uses fewer parameters

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    You can browse more than one outcome with this calculator


    Lay Bet Calculator
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    Used to calculate likely winnings of only one bet type

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    Uses more parameters

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    You can only pick a single likely outcome with this calculator


    To sum up, with our free bets calculator, you can take more advantage of the free bet offers and get the highest profit possible. Using the calculator, you will save time and reduce the risks. Check out our free betting calculator today and get the most from every free bet bonus you find in the list of all bookmakers!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Free Bet Calculator?

    A free bet calculator helps bettors easily calculate the total stake, profit, and returns of free bets.

    Is it free to use the Free Bet Calculator?

    Yes, the free betting calculator is completely free. All you need to do is input the required details and get the results you seek. The calculator is available for any player looking to get more profit from their free bets.

    Is the free bet calculator legal?

    There is no law against using the free betting calculator, which makes it legal. It is simply a great strategy that gives you the best profit from free bets offered by betting exchanges. It helps you win more money from free bets without breaking any laws.

    Which sports are the most suitable for a free bet calculator?

    Free bets can be claimed for different sports; therefore, you can use the free bet calculator to calculate the outcomes of your bets for different kinds of sports.

    Is the free bet calculator quick?

    The free bet calculator will instantly give you the results after you input the required values. The required values are back stake, back odds, and commission, along with the lay odds and commission.

    What outcomes does the free bet calculator show me?

    The free bet calculator shows you the overall profit, lay stake, liability, and of course, bet details.

    Where can I find a free bet calculator?

    Free bet calculators can be found on several betting websites, including Betpack.

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