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First Player to Score Betting

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Think you can predict the first goalscorer in a match? Check out the first player to score betting markets! When you place a first goalscorer bet, you don't need to wait for the full 90 minutes to get a winner. You can have a winning bet within the first 5 minutes of the match. Sounds exciting?

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    First Player to Score Betting Explained

    Particularly popular in football betting, first goalscorer bets allow you to predict which player will get on the scoresheet first and open the scoring in a match. For example, if Valencia plays against Barcelona in Spanish La Liga and Raphinha scores the first goal, the Barca forward is the winning bet in the first goalscorer market.

    Unlike anytime goalscorer markets, when you bet on the first player to score, you can only win if the individual you backed scores the first goal. If that player scores in the match, but someone else has opened the scoring before him, that is a losing bet.

    Even though the first player to score is most popular in football betting, you can also place this bet in other sports. You can bet on the first try scorer in rugby betting, first player to score a touchdown in American football, and even wager on the player who will open the score in a basketball match.

    First Player to Score Betting Explained First Player to Score Betting Explained

    First Player to Score Betting Examples

    The best way to understand one of the most popular betting markets in football is to look at a couple of real-world examples. In the 2023 Europa League final, Sevilla played against AS Roma. Paulo Dybala opened the scoring in the 35th minute and Roma's Gianluca Mancini scored an own goal in the 55th minute. So, if you backed Dybala to score the first goal, you would have had a winning bet.

    Let's look at another example, this time from the English Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester City which produced eight goals and finished 4:4. In that game, Erling Haaland scored the first goal when he converted a penalty in the 25th minute. Then Thiago Silva equalized, Raheem Sterling took the lead for Chelsea, Haaland scored a second, and Nicolas Jackson, Cole Palmer, Manuel Akanji and Rodri got on the scoresheet. Despite seven different players scoring at least a goal in this match, only Haaland was the winner in the first player to score betting market, as he was crucial in the first scoring play and opened the score.

    How to Place Goalscorer Bets

    You are closer to starting your first goalscorer betting adventure than ever before. All you need to do to feel the excitement is follow the four steps below.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 05:00
    • Tools Needed: PC or Mobile Phone
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    Examine Betpack's List Step 1

    Examine Betpack's List

    Before you start placing wagers on goalscorer betting markets, you need to join trustworthy bookies. Go through Betpack's list of thoroughly tested sportsbooks to find legitimate betting sites you can trust.

    Sign Up Step 2

    Sign Up

    As soon as you locate a top sportsbook, register with it. The sign-up process usually takes only a few minutes, meaning you will go from a sports enthusiast to a betting account owner in the blink of an eye.

    Deposit and Claim Welcome Bonus Step 3

    Deposit and Claim Welcome Bonus

    Now make your first deposit. Fund your newly opened account using one of the payment methods the bookie works with. Don't forget to get your hands on the welcome bonus if the sportsbook has one.

    Place Your Goalscorer Bet Step 4

    Place Your Goalscorer Bet

    With your account topped up and the welcome bonus triggered, it is time to place your first player to score bet. Go to the competition you will bet on and make your selections. Then enter your bet stake and place your wager.

    Strategies and Tips for First Player to Score Betting

    When betting online, you can do many things to turn the tables on bookies. Starting with the basics of setting a wagering bankroll, using reliable betting payment methods, and continuing with more advanced betting strategies, you can boost your first goalscorer chances significantly by following quality betting tips.

    Use Free Bets to Minimize the Risk
    Bet on Players from In-Form Teams
    Explore Scorecasts as More Lucrative Options

    Experienced bettors can find many uses for lucrative betting offers, including minimizing the risk of first player to score bets. Often, the best way to do that is by using a free bet or a risk-free wager. With a free bet, you wager with the bookmaker's funds, while risk-free bets will return your bet stake in case of a losing bet. It is easy to see how your first scoring play bet can benefit from these sportsbook promos.

    Logically, you will have a better chance of winning a first goalscorer bet if you pick players from favourites and teams that are in good form. These sides will be expected to score more and score first. Therefore, selecting an in-form striker from a strong team is your best option to win in this goal-scorer market.

    If you want to increase your first goalscorer bets, you can look into scorecast betting options. With a scorecast, you bet on two markets - which player scores first and what the correct score of the match will be. To win, you need to get both those parts of the wager correct. Sure, that is more difficult than just the first goalscorer bet. However, the high payouts often justify the risk involved.


    Backing a player to score first in a game is a bet that usually comes with good odds and results in decent winnings. If you are lucky and your selected player scores instantly, you might win even before you have settled in to watch the game. Sounds enticing, right? Check out the best Betpack bookmakers for the first player to score betting market and you might feel that lightning-fast thrill yourself.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does the First Player to Score Betting Market Work?

    To win a first player to score bet, you need to correctly predict which athlete will score the first goal of a football match, the first try in rugby, the first points in basketball or the first touchdown in American football.

    Do Own Goals Count in the First Goalscorer Market?

    Most bookmakers won't count own goals in the first goalscorer market. In other words, if the score is opened by an own goal, all bets on the first goalscorer will be settled on the next goal scored.

    What Does the First Try Scorer Bet Mean?

    The first try scorer is the player who scores first in rugby league or rugby union matches.

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