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Draw No Bet

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Don’t you just hate when a match ends in a draw, and you lose your bet? Well, if you place a Draw No Bet wager, that won’t happen. With Draw No Bet, you can bet on the winner of a match, and if it ends in a draw, you don’t lose. Instead, you get your stake back. That’s pretty cool, right? Read on to learn more about the Draw No Bet meaning and how you can boost your winnings with it.

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    What Is Draw No Bet?

    Here is the Draw No Bet explained in detail. As we all know, most sports matches produce three outcomes: a home win, an away win, and a draw. Of course, you can bet on each of these outcomes. However, if you back the home win and the game ends in a draw, you lose your bet. The same happens if you back the away team, and the match, once again, ends in a draw. That’s because you are placing bets on a 3-way betting market, meaning you cover only one of the three possible outcomes.

    • With the Draw No Bet strategy, you reduce the number of betting outcomes from 3 to 2. How do you do that, we hear you ask? By removing the Draw option.
    • When you place Draw No Bet wagers, you can only bet on the Home or Away win. There’s no option to bet on the Draw outcome. So, if the match ends in a Draw, the bookmaker returns your stake in full.
    • Let’s repeat that. If you back the home side to win and it does, you win your Draw No Bet strategy. If it loses, you lose your money. However, if the match ends in a draw, you get your stake back in full.
    Draw No Bet Examples Draw No Bet Examples

    Draw No Bet Examples

    The best way to illustrate how Draw No Bet works is to look at three examples. The first example will be a winning one, while the second example will be a losing one. It is in the last example, though, that you will really see how Draw No Bet tips and markets are different from other match winner markets.

    Example of a Winning Bet

    Let’s say Manchester United are playing Arsenal in the English Premier League. You fancy the Red Devils, so you back Manchester to win in the Draw No Bet market.

    The match ends with Manchester United winning 3-0. That means you have a winning bet. The winning margin doesn’t matter here. Even if the Red Devils win 1-0 or 3:2, you will still have a winning wager.

    Example of a Losing Bet

    Let’s now say that the match between Manchester United and Arsenal ended with an Arsenal win. In other words, you backed United to win in the Draw No Bet market, but Arsenal won 1-0. Unfortunately, that means that you lost your bet.

    Example of Bet Stake Returned

    Let’s now see what happens if the game ends in a draw. Once again, you backed Manchester United to win the match, but it ended 1-1. So, it’s clear that you don’t have a winning bet.

    However, as the market name implies, when a Draw occurs, there is No Bet. That means the bet is cancelled, and you get your bet stake back. So, even though you didn’t have a winning wager, at least the bookmaker returned your money.

    Sports with Draw No Bet Markets

    All sports matches that can end with three possible outcomes (home win, draw, away win) have the Draw No Bet market. These sports include:

    Matches from all of these sports can end in a draw. That means partners from our online bookmakers in the UK list can offer the Draw No Bet market for them. And most betting sites usually do that.

    However, there are also some sports where you couldn’t place Draw No Bet wagers even if you tried. For instance, tennis and snooker matches always produce a winner and a loser. They don’t come with a possibility for a Draw outcome, meaning bookmakers don’t offer the market.

    Pros & Cons of Draw No Bet

    As we already mentioned, Draw No Bet offers unique advantages that the regular match winner market doesn’t. The three key benefits of placing Draw No Bet wagers are:

    • Reducing the possible outcomes from 3 to 2
    • Easier to place a winning bet
    • Draw returns your stake

    Basically, with a Draw No Bet strategy, you reduce the number of possible outcomes. As a result, you increase your chances of having a winning bet.

    However, that comes at a price. Like all other markets, Draw No Bet is not without drawbacks. These are the two main disadvantages of placing Draw No Bet wagers:

    • Lower odds
    • When a draw happens, it only cancels the bet - it doesn’t result in winnings

    The biggest disadvantage of betting on this market is the low odds you get. If you back the home win in the standard 3-way match winner market, you will get much higher odds than if you do that in the 2-way Draw No Bet line. Also, while a draw returns your money, it doesn’t give you anything other than that.

    How Does Draw No Bet Work?

    Placing a winning Draw No Bet wager is easier than placing a regular match winner bet. After all, there are only two outcomes for you to consider. Having said that, you can further increase your chances of having a winning bet. The best way to do this is to go with one or more of our Draw No Bet tips. So, let's answer the question "How does Draw No Bet work?" for you.


    Back in-form teams and players

    If you want to get a winning bet, back teams that are in great form. Teams coming on the back of long winning runs will be high in morale and confidence and will likely keep that winning streak going. And you will be the one to benefit from that if you back them.


    Don’t go against history

    Sometimes, teams have a favourite opponent they love playing against. They usually win matches against these opponents, meaning it’s no longer a matter of competition between the two sides. One team has a clear psychological edge over the other. Our advice is to back the team that’s always winning. It will likely do that again.


    Find a bookmaker that gives you good Draw No Bet odds

    As we already mentioned, the Draw No Bet market doesn’t come with the highest of odds. That’s why it is super-important to choose a betting site that gives you the highest Draw No Bet odds possible. Our list of quality bookmakers is a great place to start your search, as it boasts top-rated betting sites that have been thoroughly checked by our experts.


    Use bonus offers to place risk-free bets

    Sports betting bonuses can go a long way when placing Draw No Bet wagers. Free bets, welcome bonus funds, and risk-free wagers can increase the funds you are playing with or can help you recoup your losses.


    Listen to what the experts say

    Lastly, don’t be afraid to include tips expert tipsters give you, especially if these tipsters have a high rate of success. Proven betting experts analyse and research bets for a living, and they put in much more time and energy than the regular bettor.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does Draw No Bet mean?

    Draw No Bet means that you can only bet on the home or away win. You cannot bet on the draw outcome. If the match ends in a draw, your bet is cancelled and your stake returned.

    Is Draw No Bet the same as Double Chance?

    No, it isn’t. With DNB betting, you get your stake back if the game ends in a draw. In other words, the bet is not a winning one. In contrast, with Double Chance, you have a winning bet when the game ends in a draw, and you backed that outcome.

    Does DNB include extra time?

    No, it doesn’t. If a match goes to extra time, the bet stake is returned to the punter.

    Can I include Draw No Bet in parlay bets?

    Yes, Draw No Bet accumulators are a thing. Most bookmakers allow you to include Draw No Bet in single and accumulator bets. You can also mix DNB with other markets in your Draw No Bet accumulator bet slip.

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