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Yankee CalculatorYankee Calculator

Steven D. Thompson


Yankee bets increase your maximum payouts by staking on four selections across four different events and getting eleven winning combos from them. Use our handy Yankee bet calculator, and learn how to place Yankee bets with our guide!
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Yankee Calculator


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Table of Contents

    What is Yankee Bet? 

    As it is generally believed, the Yankee bet originated in the United Kingdom, when an American soldier placed a small bet and won hundreds of thousands of pounds due to multiple rollover odds. Since then, many good online betting sites have offered these kinds of bookmaker bonuses to appease punters who want higher risk and higher rewards.

    Basically, it's a good way to increase your payout by staking 11 bets on four selections. As long as a minimum of two bets wins, you will get a return. This betting type is recommended for punters who know their favourite sport inside-out, as this odds format requires more knowledge and luck than regular single bets.

    Yankee is very similar to Lucky 15. However, while Lucky 15 includes four single bets, Yankee has no singles. Instead, a Yankee bet consists of 6 doubles, 4 trebles and one fourfold accelerator bet (or acca for short).

    How do Yankee Bets Work?

    Basically, Yankee bet is a whole package of accumulator bets you have to make, 11 to be exact. The outcome of your Yankee bet and unit stake depends on the number of your choices that win and their specific odds.

    However, since a Yankee has no single bets, two or more of your selections must win to secure a payout.  Due to the 11 bets that result from one Yankee bet, a £1 win-only Yankee bet would cost a total stake of £11 . 

    Yankee Bets Example

    Let's imagine that there are four upcoming football fixtures this weekend - Manchester United vs Chelsea, FC Bayern vs Liverpool, Barcelona vs Dortmund, and PSG vs Inter Milan. With a Yankee bet, not only do you bet on all four game outcomes, but you also make 11 bets in total. Let's assume you bet like this.

    • Chelsea will win over Manchester United
    • FC Bayern will win over Liverpool
    • Barcelona will draw Dortmund
    • Inter will win over PSG

    With Yankee betting, you will basically have to wager that you'll guess the outcome of each combination of events - doubles 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 2+3, 2+4, 3+4; trebles 1+2+3; 2+3+4, 1+3+4, 1+2+4, and, lastly, the fourfold of 1+2+3+4.

    Naturally, if you predict all four games correctly, you'll bank the winnings of all of these bets, which is a massive multiplier of your initial bet. Let's once again assume that these games have finished and these are the results.

    • Chelsea 0:2 Manchester United
    • FC Bayern 1:0 Liverpool
    • Barcelona 2:0 Dortmund
    • Inter 1:0 PSG

    Congratulations, you correctly predicted three out of four games! If you had made just 4 single bets, you'd win 3 and lose 1. But in a Yankee bet, by guessing three outcomes correctly, you won four out of 11 bets - doubles 2+3, 2+4 and 3+4; and treble 2+3+4.

    If Chelsea hadn't lost, you could have won all 11 bets and banked serious cash, but these 4 bets are still a decent amount of money. However, if you guess just one double, that's basically a loss for you. Let's delve deeper into each part of Yankee bets.

    Doubles Part 

    A Double bet simply refers to two different selections placed on one bet. In this example, if you bet that Manchester United will win game 1, while at the same time, Bayern will win game 2, that's a double. You get six of these double bets in a Yankee bet. For instance, a four-match selection gives you six doubles from the above example.

    If all your four selections win, you will get a payout on the 1 four-fold acca, 6 doubles, and. 4 trebles. However, if you guess only two games will only get paid on the 1 double. If you get three outcomes right, you will receive a payout on the 1 treble and 3 doubles.

    Trebles Part 

    A treble bet involves making three multiple bets on one combined bet. All your three selections must win to get a payout from this bet. If you lose one of the three selections, then you lose the entire treble bet.

    However, many punters can get their trebles selection bets saved even if they lose one match in a Yankee Bet. All you need to get a treble win from a Yankee bet is to get three out of four selections right. Even if you get two right, you can still settle for a 1 double total profit. 

    Since a treble is a multiple bet, it can give you bigger odds than a single or double. In a Yankee bet, you get four trebles which will increase your odds more than a standard treble bet. 

    Fourfold Part 

    A fourfold accumulator is a bet that allows you to stake on four selections in different events. You must correctly predict them all to guarantee a return.

    One wrong guess can lead to total loss of your fourfold. In a Yankee bet, you only win the fourfold acca payout. For instance, Chelsea, Bayern, Barcelona and Inter must all win to get a return on the above bet.

    How to use Yankee Calculator

    Now that you know about Yankee bets, the next thing you need to learn to start placing this bet option is how our Yankee calculator works. We understand the importance of time and precision when betting on sports online. So, we made sure our calculator was designed in a simple and easily understandable manner. You will be able to learn and use it quickly. Our Yankee bet calculator simplified the process of determining your Yankee bet returns. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use our simple and free Yankee bet calculator.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:03
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    nothing Step 1

    Select your options

    The first step is to choose the options you want. You can also select your preferred odds format- decimal, fractional or American.

    nothing Step 2

    Enter Bet Details

    Our free Yankee calculator comes with relevant spaces where you can input each of your four selections. You can also select the outcome- winner, draw, lost or forfeit.

    nothing Step 3

    Input the Odd

    Enter the odds of your selection notes, and don't forget to check if there are any rule 4 applications that need adding.

    nothing Step 4

    Enter your Stake

    Choose whether you want a stake per bet or combined bet calculation. Input the money you are willing to stake for the Yankee bet. The calculator will automatically calculate your profit and return for the bet.

    Yankee Bet on Outrights

    Outright in sports betting simply means staking on the outcome of a sports tournament instead of a single match or game. A Yankee outright bet can give you a substantial payout since outright bets usually carry bigger odds than other selections. Although it's possible to place outright bets after a tournament or league hasd. 

    Football Yankee Outright Bet

    One of the most popular sports for Yankee outright bets is football. In this type of Yankee betting, your four selections would be on four football tournaments instead of single matches. For instance, following our bet examples above, the Yankee bet can change to:

    • Manchester United to win Premier League 
    • Real Madrid to win Spanish La Liga
    • Bayern Munich to win German Bundesliga
    • PSG to win Ligue 1

    All other Yankee bet rules apply. Bear in mind that your original stake gets multiplied by 11 on Yankee bets since 11 bets are made in total. So, if you bet £3 on these Yankee selections, your total stake would be £33 (£3 x 11)

    Horse Racing Yankee Outright Bet

    Horse Racing is another sporting event perfect for Yankee outright bets. Before the beginning of an event, you can place bets on the particular horse that will win.

    You can stake each-way Yankee consisting of one Win and one Place bet. With an each-way bet, you are betting on your selections to win the race or finish in the top three places. This means that even if none of the selections lands, you will still get a nice payout if they finish in their' place positions'.

    However, each-way Yankee bets double the number of your bets to 22, thereby doubling the initial cost of your Yankee stake. 

    For instance, if you stake £1 on an each-way Yankee bet, it will get multiplied by 22, and your stake price will be £22. 

    Permed Yankee Bet 

    While you can only have four selections on a standard Yankee, a permed Yankee bet allow you to bet on five selections or more. If you pick 5 games, the Yankee bet will cover every possible combination of four different selections. You will also have five individual Yankees (1234, 1235, 1245, 1345, 2345) and a total of 55 unit bets.

    Make six selections on your permed Yankee bet, and you will have 15 separate Yankees and 165 unit bets in total. Although, in theory, you can have more than seven Yankees, this doesn't play out well in practice because of the complexity in calculating the number of bet details involved. While a permed Yankee can give you a substantial total return, it's a massive risk. That's why we don't recommend making such bets if you don't have a solid bankroll.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a Yankee bet pay out?

    You can get a payout on the 1 four-fold acca, 6 doubles and 4 trebles depending on your number of selections that win. However, at least two of your selections must land to qualify for a payout.

    What are the benefits of staking a Yankee?

    The main advantage of staking a Yankee bet is that its odds and payout are usually more than the ones offered by a single bet. Also, in a Yankee bet, you don't need all your selected games to win as long as you guess two events right.

    What are the benefits of the Yankee bet calculator?

    Using our free Yankee calculator will help remove the stress and time you would have spent calculating your Yankee bet.

    Can I place an each-way Yankee?

    Yes, you can. All you need to do is click the E/W checkbox next to the 'potential returns' on your bet slip. Don't forget that an each-way Yankee doubles your original stake.

    What sports can I stake Yankee bets on?

    While horse racing and football are the most popular sports for Yankee betting, basically any kind of sports that has at least four league events (hockey, basketball, tennis etc.) or participants (Formula 1, bicycle racing, rally) can be adapted for the Yankee betting format.

    How is a Yankee bet different from Lucky 15?

    Although they are very similar, a Yankee bet does not offer four single bets, differentiating it from Lucky 15.

    Can my Yankee bet be affected by a non-runner?

    If one of the teams or participants in your Yankee bet drops out, the bet still stands. Its value will not be paid, but it will not fail your bets. For example, if a triple contained two correct bets and one non-runner, it will pay out the value of a double bet.

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