Understanding 50 to 1 Odds: A Comprehensive Explanation
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50/1 Odds Explained: What does 50 to 1 odds mean?

Steven D. Thompson


So you've heard people raving about massive 50/1 odds but don't know what they mean. Fret not. We will tell you how much you can win when you bet on 50-to-1 odds and how good your chances of having a winning bet are. The easiest way to figure out how 50/1 odds work is to look at the second number (1) as the stake you are risking and the first number (50) as what your profit will be. And this is the same for all currencies, sports, and bet types.  Backing Newcastle (50/1) to win the English Premier League with a £1 stake? You will get a profit of £50. Staking $1 on the Jacksonville Jaguars to win the Super Bowl? Your bet will win you $50. And are you thinking of placing a €1 bet on Valencia winning La Liga? You guessed it, if your bet wins, you will get €50 in profits for that outcome.

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Table of Contents

    How to use our 50-to-1 odds calculator?

    If you have trouble calculating your potential outcomes from 50-to-1 odds, try using a 50/1 calculator. The 50-to-1 betting odds calculator will tell you your exact potential winnings. All you need to do is enter the amount of money you will stake, type in the 50/1 odds, and the betting calculator will tell you your profit. You can also use the betting odds calculator to check the potential profits from different odds, not just 50/1.

    What does 50 to 1 mean on sports betting odds?

    When you are placing a bet on 50-to-1 odds, you are risking $1/€1/£1 to win $50/€50/£50. So, if you stake $10/€10/£10 and your bet wins, you will get a profit of $500/€500/£500.

    However, please bear in mind that we are talking only about the profit you will make here. Your total payout will be larger than that. 

    For instance, if you place $1/€1/£1, your total payout will be $51/€51/£51 - that's your potential profit (50) plus your stake (1). Similarly, if you place a $10/€10/£10 wager, your total payout will be $510/€510/£510 - a profit of (500) plus the bet amount (10).

    What is the 50 to 1 Implied probability?

    50-to-1 payouts are pretty impressive. However, you have to be aware that your chances of winning a 50-to-1 event are quite slim too. Betting odds of 50/1 imply a probability of 98.04% for one outcome and 1.96% for the other implied odds option outcome. In other words, when you place a 50/1 bet, your chances of winning are 1.96%, and your chances of losing are 98.04%.

    What are the best sports to bet on 50 to 1 odds?

    50-to-1 bets offer massive potential winnings, but not all sports areal for these types of bets. Take tennis, for instance. In tennis, there are only two potential winners. If a player has odds of 50-to-1, he/she has minimal to nonexistent chances of winning. That would be like predicting that a player ranked 500 places below a tennis heavyweight such as Novak Djokovic will beat the Serb at odds of 50/1. Highly unlikely, we are sure you will agree.

    Similarly, sports like football and basketball are not your best choices if you are looking to make money from your 50-1 bets. In both sports, only two teams are competing, and like in tennis, if one of the teams has odds of 50/1, the other must be a super heavy favourite. Think backing Andorra to beat France in football or Bulgaria to defeat the USA Dream Team in basketball.

    But that doesn't mean all sports are bad choices for 50-to-1 bets. Horse racing, golf, and Formula 1 races often feature not two but dozens of competitors. So, if you are backing a horse at 50/1, that horse in that particular event has much better chances of coming to fruition than going with a heavy underdog in a tennis match.

    That's because there are many potential winners in horse racing, and 50/1 bets may not be as improbable as they seem. The same is true for all sports where you can choose between many different competitors. In fact, football, tennis, and basketball also offer decent 50/1 betting options if you place outright bets where you can have your pick from 20 or 30 different teams in a market. So, there are plenty of choices outside of horse racing to get that implied probability of the 50/1 bet.

    What formats can I find 50 to 1 odds?

    You can bet on 50-to-1 odds in three different formats - UK odds (also known as fractional), American odds (also known as Moneyline), and decimal odds. Most bookmakers will allow you to choose the odds format that works best for you.

    UK odds format 50/1

    50/1 fractional odds imply that you get a profit of $50/€50/£50 for a stake of $1/€1/£1.

    American Moneyline format +5000

    +5000 American odds tell you that you will win a profit of $5000/€5000/£5000 from a $100/€100/£100 bet.

    Decimal odds 51.00

    Decimal odds of 51.00 are multiplied by your stake of €1 and give you the total payout (not profit). Decimal odds are most commonly used in Europe.

    Why 50 - 1 odds payout 51?

    Odds of 50-to-1 always give you a total payout of $51/€51/£51 for a stake of $1/€1/£1. That's because, in addition to the 50 units of profit, you also get your bet amount (1) back. So, if you place a single bet where you stake $5/€5/£5, you will get a payout of $255/€255/£255, where 250 is your profit and 5 is your original bet amount.

    How much can I win with a 50/1 bet

    Let's have a look at the potential profit you can make when betting and staking different amounts of money. The table below shows 50/1 win bets, meaning it gives you the profit and not the total payout.

    Stake Odds Profit






















    Betting 50/1 each way

    The great thing about betting on long-shot odds such as 50/1 is that online bookmakers allow you to bet not just on the Win, but also on the Place part of the bet. That's known as each-way betting. 

    With all each-way bets, your stake is automatically doubled because you cover both Win and Place outcomes. That means you will win your bet not only when your selection triumphs, but also when it finishes 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (depending on the bookmaker and the market).

    As you can expect, the betting odds for the Win part are higher than the Place part of the 50/1 each-way bet. So, if your selection wins, you will benefit from those enticing 50/1 betting odds. However, if it places, and let's say it's a horse race where your pick ends 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, you will still win but get lower odds.

    Let's explain this with an example. We will use quarter odds for the Place part. Let's say you back a horse with $1/€1/£1 at 50/1 each way odds. Because you are betting each way, that stake is automatically doubled and becomes $2/€2/£2.

    Now, this is the important part. If your horse wins, you will get a profit of $50/€50/£50 for the Win part of the bet. However, you will also get a profit of $12.5/€12.5/£12.5 (at quarter odds) for the Place part of the wager. Your total profit will be $62.5/€62.5/£62.5.

    In contrast, if your horse only places (finishes 2nd, 3rd, or 4th), you will get a profit of $12.5/€12.5/£12.5. 

    50/1 Each Way Return Table

    Here are the potential profits for some other each-way bets. We are once again using quarter odds for the Place part of the wager to illustrate how much you will win.

    Stake Odds Profit

    Stake $1/€1/£1

    50/1 EW


    Stake $2/€2/£2

    50/1 EW


    Stake $5/€5/£5

    50/1 EW


    Stake $10/€10/£10

    50/1 EW


    Stake $15/€15/£15

    50/1 EW


    Which betting sites offer 50/1 each-way odds?

    Betting at 50/1 each-way odds sounds enticing, right? However, not all bookies offer it. If you want to place 50/1 each-way bets, our list of the best betting sites should be your first port of call. These bookies boast enticing 50/1 betting propositions and give you the best each-way odds and markets in the industry.

    Maximize profit with a free bet: 5 on 50/1 odds

    If you want to maximize your profit and make the most of 50/1 odds, free bets can do you a world of good. In essence, 50/1 bets are long-shots and if you can use someone else's money to place them, all the better for you. That's where free bets come in handy. If you pair them with expert picks, you are on the way to profit.

    And it is easy to see why. A $5/€5/£5 free bet may not seem like a lot. However, place it at odds of 50-to-1, and you get a massive potential profit of $250/€250/£250 (the free bet stake is usually excluded from the winnings you get). That profit of $250/€250/£250 sounds even more appealing when you realize you didn't risk anything to get it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the 50-1 odds meaning?

    50-1 odds mean you will get a potential profit of 50 units for risking 1 unit. For example, if you stake $1/€1/£1 and you get a favourable outcome, you will get a profit of $50/€50/£50.

    Is it profitable to bet on 50-to-1 odds?

    If you want to win your bets regularly, 50-to-1 bets will not be ideal for you. 50/1 odds will result in massive winnings, but the implied probability of these wagers coming to fruition is pretty low (1.96%).

    How much can I win with a bet of £5 on 50/1 odds?

    A bet of £5 at odds of 50/1 will give you a total payout of £255, or a profit of £250.

    Is it profitable to bet on 50-1 odds each way?

    Betting on 50-1 odds each way increases your chances of winning because you cover both the Win and Place outcomes.

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