FIFA deny reports of 100-minute games for Qatar 2022 World Cup
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FIFA deny reports of 100-minute games for Qatar 2022 World Cup

FIFA deny reports of 100-minute games for Qatar 2022 World Cup

07/04/2022; 3:31 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

FIFA have published a disclaimer to the reports, denying that any plan to the duration of matches were considered ahead of the World Cup later in November.

The game has undergone so many changes as FIFA claims they want to take it to heights never before. However, the football governing body is still struggling with a battered reputation as its integrity has been questioned several times.

One of the problems that caused FIFA to lose face in many quarters is corruption. It took the heads of many notable football figures within the body’s ranks. In 2015, a series of arrests were made for the alleged use of vices that should not be attributed to the body. They are bribery, fraud and money laundering to corrupt the issuing of media and marketing rights for FIFA games.

While FIFA is struggling to rescue its battered image, several news reports emerged of another change to the rules for the World Cup taking place in Qatar later in the year. The hosting rights for the World Cup in Qatar have also come under question as many do not see the bidding process as squeaky clean.

Reports suggest FIFA planned to increase the length of the games at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

False rumours apparently

With social media awash with plans by FIFA to increase the length of matches at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, FIFA have debunked the news. The football governing body have confirmed that they have no plans to adjust the length of matches during the Mundial.

According to FIFA, the reports remain what they are - purely rumours as the body had not even given it a thought to increase the duration of matches at Qatar. The FIFA World Cup was moved from June to November because of weather conditions in Qatar during the European summer. Temperatures in Doha could rise to as high as 41.2°C (106.2°F).

FIFA are careful with information regarding the November spectacle.

Social media rage on rule change

The first reports of a change to the length of games for the World Cup came from Italy. It suggested matches could see an increase from 90 minutes to 100. The report took social media by storm on Wednesday. It probably was an April fool joke that came five days late.

FIFA were quick to dismiss thea as nothing but the creative imagination of mischievous minds. They rubbished thea via a statement on Wednesday.

According to the FIFA statement, the football governing body clarified the rumours that made the rounds claiming there will be no rule changes regarding the length of football matches for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. FIFA does not plan to extend the duration of games in any of its competitions.

Reports suggest the rumours stem from a recent CIES report revealing that most European leagues see just over 60 minutes of action during an average game. The report claims that matches lose close to half an hour to different factors ranging from throw-ins to time-wasting.

Ahead of the global spectacle in November, best football bookmakers have Brazil, Argentina and England as some of the early favourites to win the tournament.

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