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Interac Betting Sites

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Interac sites have quickly become a viable way to move money from your bank account into your betting sites account seamlessly and safely. If you like the sound of betting via Interac payments, then read on. In this guide, we will take a look at the best Interac online betting sites, how to make Interac payments, how to link your Interac account to your sports betting account, the best Interact sports betting sites, how to signup with Interac bookmakers and more.
Interac Corporation
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  • Deposits from your Interac account into your sports betting account are instant.
  • The fees when sending money to betting sites are minimal.
  • Interac online transactions are protected by a range of safety measures.
  • Many sports betting sites accept Interac online deposits.


  • Interac online payments are common but some bookmakers still do not accept Interac.
  • The only currency Interac currently supports is CAD.
  • Interac sports betting sites do not charge large fees to transfer money but you may have to pay to your Interac betting site.
  • Interac online does not have a live chat. You can email Interac online services or your Interac bookmakers.
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The Best Interac Bookmakers 2024

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Table of Contents

    What Is Interac and How Does It Work?

    Interac Corporation was created in 2018 when two companies came together to create one single company. From this point, Interac has gone from strength to strength, and it has been widely regarded as one of the most reliable payment solutions around.

    Interac is a popular payment system that allows you to quickly and safely transfer funds from your betting account to your sports betting account. With online banking the best it has ever been, it has never been easier to link your bank account to your Interac online account, and from there you can send money to your Interac online betting sites.

    Interac works by offering products like Interac Debit, Interac Flash, Inter e-Transfer, Interac Cash and Interac Online. If your bank does not support a product like Interac Debit or Interac Flash is unavailable to you, then you will likely be unable to use Interac.

    Betting with Interac

    Interac online transactions have become incredibly popular when online betting because your Interac account can be seamlessly linked to your betting sites of choice. With instant depositing, safe payments and other benefits coming from a reputable name, Interac have built a reputation of being a top-notch choice for online betting and other transactions.

    How Do We Find the Best Interac Bookmakers?

    At Betpack, we pride ourselves on our ability to give you honest and unbiased reviews of anything and everything to do with gambling. Whether you are after the best financial institutions in the game, the best sports betting sites, the best features, top live-streaming online bookmakers and more, our experts have got you covered.

    They go to great lengths to ensure that they go through the entirety of each site with a fine tooth comb. This means they can pick up on details that other sites and writers will miss. Below, we have articulated a few of the more important factors we look into when trying to bring you to the top online sportsbooks that are available to you.


    Deposits, Withdrawal Limits and Speed

    When you come to using an Interac bookmaker, you need to ensure that the specific payment services for an Interac deposit or an Interac withdrawal are as seamless as possible. Depositing is usually fairly easy when it comes to online gambling, with fast online transactions. For withdrawing, you are looking for online gambling sites and payment methods that will allow you to get money into your account quickly and without fees.


    Eligibility for the Bonuses

    Eligibility for bonuses is a real area of contention for some payment methods as you will find more than one betting site that will allow only a handful of the more popular payment method options to unlock the offer. It is upsetting when online bookmakers stop payment methods like Interac, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay from unlocking their offers in favour of allowing debit cards or straight bank transfers. If you are looking for the right online bookmaker for you and you want to bet with Interac, you need to ensure they have offers that accepts Interac.


    Transaction Fees

    The most convenient payment methods will often have fees that come with financial transactions. This is sad as you do not want to get charged to send money from your national bank account using some of the most popular mobile payment solutions. Whether you get charged a flat fee or the charges change, any flat fee or charge to send money from your debit card account to your betting site will be frustrating, meaning a site that has minimal or no charges will usually rank higher on our list than a site that has a large fee for playing.

    Facts About Interac Betting

    Facts About Interac Betting Facts About Interac Betting

    How to Register at Interac Betting Sites

    Registering with the best betting site for Interac, or any other top payment method is really easy to do. If you are new to betting or need a helping hand creating your betting site account, then you can use our handy step-by-step guide to registering below.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Find the best Interac betting sites Step 1

    Find the best Interac betting sites

    Head straight over to the best betting sites that will accept Interac online payments on our site. Our experts have gone to great lengths to ensure that they have found all of the Interac online betting sites and researched and rated them all. They then rank them in a table of the top Interac online sites, with this making it even easier for you to find the site that allows you to use your online banking option of choice.

    Head to your new Interac site Step 2

    Head to your new Interac site

    Once you have found the Interac association betting site, click on the bookie and you will be taken to their page. Click on the register/sign up/create account button in the top right corner of the screen to begin the registration process with your online merchant.

    Register Step 3


    Enter your details including your name, email address, address and other details. This is the same process you would do with any other payment methods, with registration the same whether you are using Interac or an alternative payment method from other participating financial institutions. From here, you need to verify your account via email or your phone.

    Transfer money using Interac and start betting! Step 4

    Transfer money using Interac and start betting!

    Once you have done this, you can now head to the banking page and, if your bookie allows, utilise features such as Interac Flash, mobile Interac Flash, Interac debit card payment and more. After you have gotten money into your account, you can start wagering on different betting markets, finding welcome bonuses to use with betting markets for Canadian players and more.

    How to Make Interac Deposits

    Depositing using Interac is incredibly quick and easy to do, which is why utilising Interac is so popular. To use the Interac E transfer option for depositing, you can follow our step-by-step guide below:

    Step 1 - You do not need to open an account with Interac to send an E transfer as Interac is a collection of reputable financial institutions. This means if you have a bank account at a participating bank, you can use the Interac network.

    Step 2 - Head to the banking section of your betting site account and select the Interac deposit as our E transfer method of choice.

    Step 3 - This will then show you the available financial institutions linked with E transfer options, and you need to select the Interac E transfer method that applies to you.

    Step 4 - Enter the amount you want to E transfer in Canadian dollars from the relevant Canadian bank.

    Step 5 - You will then be redirected to the Interac E transfer banking page where you need to select the bank account option of choice and deposit.

    Step 6 - The funds from your Interac E transfer will be taken from your Canadian bank account and moved into your Interac site of choice, meaning you can now focus on betting on your favourite sports and events.

    How to Make Interac Withdrawals

    There are many payment solutions that allow you to E transfer cash into your account, but will not let you withdraw cash. This is where an E transfer with Interac cash is so popular, as Canadian players can get money from their betting account into their bank accountctly.

    Step 1 - Head to the cashier section of your sportsbook of choice to begin the process of getting your hands on your Interac cash.

    Step 2 - Select Interac E transfer as your withdrawal method of choice.

    Step 3 - Enter the amount you wish to take out in your Interac E transfer and confirm the withdrawal.

    Step 4 - To continue your Interac E transfer, you will not need to enter banking information or bank details. Instead, you need to enter your name, email address and phone number.

    Step 5 - Finally, your Interac E Transfer will be complete, meaning you can log into your online bank, hit receive money via Interac E transfer and accept the transaction.

    It is worth knowing that while there are not many restrictions with regard to needing a mobile phone number or having to use an automated banking machine, there are restrictions placed on how much an Interac E transfer can take out. Interac E transfers are often capped, so take a look at what amount your betting site caps your Interac E transfer at.

    Interac vs Ethereum Sportsbooks

    Interac E transfers may be something that you are itching to use when it comes to betting on the Canadian market offering, but our experts at Betpack always ensure that you get the whole picture.

    With this in mind, we have compared Interac to another top payment method option. The cryptocurrency known as Ethereum is our option to compare it to.

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    Instant depositing into most betting site accounts.

    Check icon

    You can make secure payments using Interac, helping to keep all of your details safe.

    Cancel icon

    Interac is only available to use with Canadian dollars.

    Check icon

    Interac is a viable withdrawal method, which is more than can be said for many other payment options.

    Cancel icon

    Interac is hugely popular in Canada in particular, but there are frustrating restrictions placed on it.


    Check icon

    Depositing using Ethereum is incredibly quick, with instant payments made.

    Check icon

    Ethereum offers some of the best security in the game, with anonymous transactions ensuring your information is kept private.

    Check icon

    Ethereum is available across the world, with a number of other crypto options available too.

    Check icon

    Ethereum can be used to withdraw as well as deposit money.

    Cancel icon

    Ethereum is still growing in popularity, meaning not all betting sites support it.

    Interac Experiences

    "Using Interac helps to keep my money and info safe - that's a win-win in my books!" — Simon

    "While Interac may not be the biggest payment option out there, it offers pretty much everything I want in a way to pay." — Andy

    "I don't use Interac all the time, but when I do, it is simple and fuss-free." — Beth

    Alternatives to Interac Bookmakers

    As mentioned, at Betpack, we go the extra mile when it comes to helping you find the best betting options for you. Whether this is a betting payment method, a betting site for a specific sport, an offer or feature or anything else, we make sure you know all of the facts before you get involved with anything to do with betting. With this in mind, we have listed a few of the alternative payment methods to betting with Interac, and what they can offer you.

    Visa Debit

    Visa Debit cards are one of the most popular ways to pay for a whole host of services across the world. People use Visa Debit to pay for food, clothes, bills and more, with betting now added to this list. Due to the huge availability of the Visa Debit bookmakers as it is so often the first payment method available to people, it means betting sites have flocked to offer it as a viable option. This is why you will be hard-put to find a betting site that does not allow you to deposit and withdraw using your Visa Debit.

    Other benefits include incredibly quick transfer, excellent security, minimal fees, the availability of bonuses and the fact you are betting with one of the biggest names in payments. The one major drawback is the fact that you will have to put your bank details on your betting site of choice, which some see as a drawback.


    Skrill is one of, if not the biggest E-wallet available today. While it may not be quite in the same league as the Visa Debit when it comes to name recognition, it is closing the gap, with Skrill becoming a household name.

    Skrill offers customers instant deposits and very quick withdrawals, while the fact no information is sent from your E-wallet to your betting site means that your details are kept safe. There are generally either no or low fees when it comes to using Skrill for sports betting, while the depositing and withdrawal limits are usually high too. The one major drawback is that Skrill is sometimes one of the payment methods that is restricted when it comes to offers. This means that you will sometimes be excluded from unlocking an offer if you are using Skrill, meaning you will have to use a different option. Of course, not all offers exclude the use of Skrill payments, but we recommend that you know whether your betting site and offer will allow you to unlock it using Skrill.


    Ethereum has quickly become one of the biggest crypto options available. While its introduction to betting was not that long ago, it has quickly become an incredibly popular way to get money into and out of your account. Incredibly fast deposits and withdrawals come alongside anonymous payments, meaning you can get your hands on your money quickly and safely on Ethereum betting sites. Alongside this, there is a range of other crypto options such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin that you can use, meaning you can really diversify your portfolio.

    The one major letdown when it comes to Ethereum and many other crypto options is that it is still growing in the world of betting. This means that while many sites have battled to offer it as a payment method, there are others that are yet to support crypto payments. This means that you will need to pick and choose your betting sites as there are not as many available options out there for crypto bettors.


    PayPal is another option that provides incredibly fast and safe transactions, all rubber-stamped with the name of one of the biggest payment methods in the world. PayPal is generally offered by a large proportion of the bookmakers out there, although it is not as prevalent as Visa Debit card betting options. Despite this, PayPal can offer you a brilliant alternative to Visa Debit betting, especially if you want to keep your personal and financial information completely safe.

    As mentioned, not every site offers the ability to deposit and withdraw using PayPal which can be very frustrating, but if you are happy to be a little pickier when it comes to finding the site for you, then PayPal could be the perfect option for you.

    Interac Betting Summary

    Interac gambling sites are becoming more popular with each and every day that passes. There are some frustrating restrictions placed on it such as the fact it is only available to Canadian residents, but for those that can get involved with making payments via Interac, it will give them an array of positive features.

    You will be able to enjoy instant depositing, anonymous payments, fast withdrawals, excellent security and a reputable name in payments. While there are elements that fall short when it comes to Interac sites, we do not believe they are a bad option if they are available to you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do Interac withdrawals take?

    Interac withdrawal times depend on your bookmaker of choice. Generally, they will take between a few hours and five days to process. The bookie you choose will dictate this, meaning that you may bet with one site that gets your money back to you via Interac in three days, while another could send the funds in 12 hours. Always take a look at the payment option information on your betting site of choice.

    Is Interac safe for betting?

    Yes, Interac is a safe payment option when it comes to betting. Interac gambling comes with incredibly high security that does everything it can to ensure your money and personal information are kept safe. With sophisticated safety measures employed such as end-to-end encryption, you can safely and securely use Interac when it comes to funding your betting account of choice.

    Are there any hidden Interac fees?

    There are no hidden fees when you come to using Interac. Interac is upfront about any fees you have to pay. However, the fees with Interac are generally very low, which is one of the reasons why Interac has become such a popular way to fund a betting account. Importantly, many betting sites will not charge a fee for your to deposit and withdraw funds, meaning the only fees you will usually have to pay will be charged by the different financial institutions, so check with yours to see whether fees will apply, and how much they could be.

    Can I get bonuses if I deposit with Interac at bookmakers?

    Yes, there are bonuses that Interac site users can enjoy. Generally, there will not be specific Interac betting offers, but the payment method is not usually one of the options that are restricted from use when it comes to unlocking an offer. Some E-wallets are usually barred in some way from unlocking a welcome or existing customer offer which is very frustrating. While Interac is usually okay to use to unlock an offer, we always recommend you look at the terms and conditions of an offer before accepting it.

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