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Giropay Betting Sites

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Find the best Giropay betting sites and enjoy the exciting goodies that come with playing online. Take your chances with these sites. With a suitable Giropay betting site, you can use the payment method to complete transactions and get started with your betting journey. All you need to do is understand how it works and find a suitable site to join. Once you have an online betting account, you can get started with this payment option. To learn more about Giropay and betting sites that accept payments using the service, keep reading this guide.
Payment types


  • Instant deposits
  • Secure and reliable payment service
  • Easy-to-use payment method
  • No need for a bank wire transfer or debit/credit card details


  • Doesn't support withdrawals at online betting sites
  • Limited global access: it is only available to German bettors and a few surrounding regions
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Best Betting Sites that Accept Giropay

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Table of Contents

    What is Giropay and How Does it Work?

    Giropay is an online payment solution that works with online banking systems. The payment method allows you to make payments directly from your bank account. It is especially perfect for players who have a German bank account. With a Giropay account, you can connect directly to your bank and complete transactions to start your online gambling journey at a preferred online sports betting site.

    You can visit the Giropay website and create an account to get started. After that, you'll need to find the best Giropay betting site to join. You can then choose the online payment method from the list once you complete the registration process. You'll need to provide your online banking details once you want to deposit. You'll also need the transaction authorisation number from your online bank account, and then you can confirm the payment.

    Giropay is a simple payment service that many Germans find exciting to use. Its services are also extended to sports bettors in surrounding regions. So, players can consider this option and complete transactions through their bank accounts at top-notch online bookmakers.

    How Do We Find the Best Giropay Bookmakers?

    Online sports betting sites that accept Giropay are increasing more often than not. Today, many bookies accept Giropay, especially those that provide betting opportunities to German bettors. As a result, finding a suitable option can be tedious. We take our time to vet different Giropay bookies, and below are some factors we consider when finding the best Giropay betting platforms.


    Safety, License, and Security

    When we evaluate and look for bookmakers, we ensure that they are safe for players to join. So when you pick one from our list and start betting online with Giropay payments, you can rest assured that your money is safe and your details are protected from third parties and hackers. We also check to see if the bookie is licensed by a reputable authority.


    Bonuses and Betting Features

    Another area we check out is the bonus offers. So, once you complete the online transfer using Giropay, there are bonuses you will enjoy. We check if there are welcome bonus offers, free bets, deposit bonuses, and other offers. The more bonuses available, the better. We also look at the betting features to see if they're worthwhile for newbies and experienced players.


    Customer Service

    We take the time to evaluate the customer support team to see if they are effective and accessible. We look at the different channels available to see how easy it is to reach out to the support team. That way, when you pick from our online betting Giropay sites list, you will not go through too much stress to resolve any issues you might encounter.


    Online Reputation

    We also check the betting sites' online reputation, especially with Giropay transactions and their overall betting experience. The sites with more positive feedback get extra points and are ranked higher. You can trust that you won't have issues getting started when you join these sites, and once you become a member, you'll enjoy an incredible gambling experience.

    Facts About Giropay Betting

    Giropay offers players the chance to start their betting journey without stress. Once you have a chosen betting site that accepts payments through Giropay, you can start your journey. The good thing about using this service is that you can enjoy exciting bonuses once you start playing. Although you can't withdraw with this option, it has many benefits, especially for German players.

    Deposit & Withdrawal Limits & Speed

    When you use this payment system, you can fund your betting account instantly. Players with German banks can easily complete transactions through their online banking portal. You should understand that the deposit limits depend on your bank and the betting site you select. Unfortunately, using Giropay at most betting sites means you'll need to check other payment methods if you want to withdraw.

    Eligibility for the Bonuses

    When you use this option, you'll most likely enjoy bonus offers from the betting site. You'll enjoy the exciting bonuses the site offers. So, before you join the site, you must check if there are bonuses to claim. With that, you can claim exciting offers once you register and deposit money using Giropay. Also, ensure that you follow the instructions properly.

    Transaction Fees

    Depending on the transaction, you might need to pay certain fees when you use this option. Also, the betting site you join might charge you additional fees for depositing with Giropay. You can also check if your bank charges fees for deposits using Giropay. You should know that these fees can vary. So be sure to check what they charge before proceeding.

    Top Giropay Bookmakers by Category

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    Betting with Giropay

    Given its efficiency and convenience, Giropay users who use it as their primary payment method are making a smart choice. Bettors can quickly fund their accounts, often in a matter of minutes, by choosing Giropay from the payment methods menu and completing transactions online. This allows them to easily enter the world of betting. Furthermore, certain platforms might provide bonuses or incentives for making deposits using Giropay, which would increase one's bankroll even further. It's always a good idea to inquire about any promotions or special offers that the bookmaker may have for Giropay users because these can improve the betting experience and possibly boost winnings.

    How to Register at Giropay Bookmakers

    Once you find the Giropay betting site you prefer, the next step is to create an account. You need to take the time to complete the registration step and proceed to gambling. Check out our list of online bookies that accept Giropay and follow the steps we've highlighted below to start playing.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 20:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Open the Betting Site's Registration Page and Fill Out the Form Step 1

    Open the Betting Site's Registration Page and Fill Out the Form

    The first step is to visit the betting site. You can use your desktop or mobile browser. If the platform has an app, you can download it on your mobile to get started. Open the registration page and follow the instructions. Fill out the forms they present with the correct details and in the appropriate field before proceeding to the next phase.

    Confirm Your Registration Step 2

    Confirm Your Registration

    Before you proceed, ensure that you double-check the information you provided. Provide an active email address and phone number if required. You should also check if there are additional details that you need to provide, especially for KYC verification. You don't want issues to arise whenever you want to complete the verification process.

    Verify Your Account Step 3

    Verify Your Account

    In most cases, after you fill out the forms, you'll be required to verify your account. Some of these sites usually send instructions on how you can verify your account to your email inbox. Ensure you follow the instructions thoroughly and complete the steps. Once you're done, you will receive a confirmation email and can proceed to the next phase.

    Login and Start Playing Step 4

    Login and Start Playing

    Once you're done with the registration process, you can log into your account and start playing for real money. Check out the process on how to make Giropay deposits, and don't forget to claim any available bonus offers. Ensure you check the promotions available and choose the right one for your journey. Then, you can go to the sports betting section and start playing.

    How to Make Giropay Deposits

    Using Giropay to deposit is not difficult once you understand the steps involved, although they might vary from one betting site to another. However, there are common deposit processes players can explore. We've highlighted these steps below. Check them out and learn how to make Giropay deposits.

    • Select Giropay: After you've selected a Giropay betting platform and created an account, the next step is to choose Giropay from the list. You can use the search bar to find the payment method if you don't want to scroll or waste time. Once you do, you can select and enter the amount you want to deposit.

    • Choose Your Bank: Once you've selected Giropay from the list, you'll need to check if your local bank is part of the supported institutions. Once you find your bank on the list, choose it and move on to the next phase of the deposit process. If you can't find your bank, you might need to try another bank.

    • Enter Your Online Banking Details: After you've selected your bank, you'll be prompted to log in to your online banking portal. You'll need your internet banking details to do this. Not to worry, the Giropay service is secure. Therefore, your details won't be exposed to theft or hackers when you use them to complete online transactions.

    • Confirm the Payment: Finally, you need to confirm the transaction. You'll most likely receive a transaction authentication number. Ensure you enter it into the appropriate field. Once you're done with that, your account should be credited immediately and you can start playing for real money.

    How to Make Giropay Withdrawals

    Unfortunately, you can't use Giropay to process withdrawals. You'll need to check the various payment methods available and pick an alternative, like bank transfers, e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies. Ensure you check alternative payment methods to see which ones can guarantee transactions to be completed smoothly. Pick the right option and complete the withdrawal process. You can also check the withdrawal limits, fees, and other important information before proceeding.

    Best Fast Payout Giropay Online Betting Sites

    Looking for top-notch fast withdrawal online betting sites that not only guarantee speedy payouts but also welcome Giropay and other rapid payment methods? Whether you're a seasoned bettor seeking hassle-free withdrawals or someone who values the simplicity of instant transactions, we've got your back.

    Category Bookmaker

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    Fun Casino

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    William Hill

    Giropay Sportsbooks vs ecoPayz Sportsbooks

    You can make online payments with different sports betting payment methods like Giropay and ecoPayz. You just need to find the right option for your gambling journey. These two options we mentioned are popular. You can choose them for your next betting journey. Check the table below to see how we've compared both payment methods so you can pick the right one for your next adventure.

    Giropay Sportsbooks
    Check icon

    You don’t need to fund a third-party wallet

    Cancel icon

    Doesn’t support withdrawals

    Check icon

    Instant, safe, and reliable deposits

    Check icon

    Giropay doesn’t require credit/debit cards


    ecoPayz Sportsbooks
    Cancel icon

    You need a funded third-party wallet

    Check icon

    Can be used for withdrawals

    Check icon

    Good for instant and secure transactions

    Check icon

    No need for bank cards

    Giropay Experiences

    As a German punter, choosing Giropay has been one of the best decisions I've made since joining the gambling world. It has been a smooth ride with the payment method, and whenever there is an issue, the customer service team is easy to talk to and effective. - Sergey Podolski.

    One of the many reasons I enjoy using this payment option is because of how fast it is to send money to my betting account. Giropay has been nothing but useful ever since I moved to Germany. Even when there was an issue, I've been able to get them resolved within minutes. - Maverick Enis.

    Alternative to Giropay Gambling Sites

    At most betting sites, you'll find other payment methods you can choose from in addition to Giropay. So, as you plan to bet on competitive odds, you'll not have any issues choosing another option if you don't want to use Giropay. We've highlighted a few of these options below. Check them out and pick the one you like.

    • Bank Transfer: You can choose to transfer money directly from your bank account, although at most betting platforms, this payment method is usually reserved for withdrawals. So, it is the perfect option to use if you deposited using Giropay.

    • Skrill: If you want a payment option that allows players to deposit and withdraw without hassle, you can consider Skrill. It is a top-notch option with exciting features. Choose it for your next betting adventure and complete transactions easily.

    • Trustly: You can also choose Trustly, a similar payment method to Giropay, but it is available to users from various parts of the world. If you're not in Germany or any of the recognised regions, you can use Trustly to deposit at online betting sites.

    • PayPal: Although not exactly like Giropay, PayPal is a widely accepted payment method in the UK and allows users to link their bank accounts for direct payments. It's a convenient and secure option for online transactions.

    • SOFORT: This is a direct payment method that works similarly to Giropay. It allows customers to make payments directly from their bank accounts without the need for a credit card. SOFORT is widely used in Europe.

    Most Trusted Giropay Bookmakers Listed by Betpack

    Searching for the most trusted Giropay bookmakers? Look no further! We've compiled a list of top-rated options just for you. And here's the best part - along with Giropay, you'll discover other popular, fast, and reliable payment methods at these bookmakers.

    Betting Site Licence







    Giropay Betting Summary

    Giropay betting has become popular, especially in Germany. Once you have an account with any of the German banks, you'll most likely be able to use this option at online betting sites. All you need to do is find a suitable site to join and use Giropay to deposit. You can check out our list of top Giropay bookies and pick the one you like to start your next betting adventure today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is It Easy to Use Giropay at Bookmakers?

    Using Giropay at online bookmakers is straightforward. We've also highlighted the steps on how to use the payment method in this guide.

    How Long Do Giropay Withdrawals Take?

    Unfortunately, players can't use Giropay to process withdrawals. You'll need to choose another payment method, and the time varies based on the option you pick.

    Is Giropay Safe for Betting?

    Yes, this payment method is completely safe for betting at online bookies.

    Are There Any Hidden Giropay Fees?

    In most cases, you might not need to pay any additional fees when you use this payment method. But it helps to check the betting site's terms and conditions.

    Can I Get Bonuses if I Deposit with Giropay at Bookmakers?

    It is possible to claim bonuses when you use Giropay to deposit at online bookmakers.

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